Albanian Sayings, Greetings, Well wishes, etc.

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  1. me jetë të gjatë
    wish you long life
  2. kalofshi mirë sot
    have a good day today
  3. me shendet
    with health (frequently after a haircut)
  4. kalofshi mirë fundjaven
    have a good weekend!
  5. mirë si erdhe
  6. gjithashtu
    also too, as well, likewise
  7. gezuar ditelindjen
    happy birthday
  8. më vjen keq
    I'm sorry
  9. rrofsh
    thank you (informal)
  10. me fal
    excuse me (informal)
  11. me falni
    I'm sorry (I've done something wrong)
  12. te lutem/ ju lutem
    "You're welcome" or "please"
  13. si thuhet "__________" në Shqip?
    how do you say __________ in Albanian?
  14. Sa kohë ke qene në Shqiperia? or
    Sa kohë ke katu?
    How long have you been here?
  15. Kam vetem një muaj katu.
    I have only been here 1 month.
  16. Çfarë bëre dje?
    What did you do yesterday?
  17. dakord
  18. U befsh një qind vjec
    May you reach 100 years
  19. Ushqimi ishte shumë i shijshem.
    The food was very tasty.
  20. shendet paç
    health back to you
  21. Jam sëmure
    I am sick.
  22. të shkuara
    "may it go" (get better)
  23. Jam ftohur.
    I have a cold.

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Albanian Sayings, Greetings, Well wishes, etc.
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Albanian phrases

commonly used phrases, greetings, well wishes, etc.
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