Vocab 11.22.13

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  1. gratitude
    a feeling of being grateful and thankful
  2. cornucopia
    a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers and nuts
  3. celebrate
    to do something enjoyable on a special occasion
  4. Massachusetts
    the place the Pilgrims landed in America
  5. Mayflower
    the three masted ship the Pilgrims sailed on
  6. Pilgrim
    the group of people who left England because of religious persecution
  7. Plymouth
    the name of the town in England from where the Pilgrims sailed
  8. Squanto
    the Indian warrior who spoke English and who taught the Pilgrims
  9. abundance
    plenty of something
  10. harvest
    the gathering in of crops that are ripe, or the crops that are gathered in
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