Equine Industry

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  1. What were horses used for in the past?
    • transportation
    • warfare
    • work
    • packing
    • some riding
  2. What do third world countries mainly use horses for?
  3. Why did the horse population increase during the 1900s?
    • because of westward movement
    • horses used to pull trains in cities
  4. When did the horse population peak?
    • 1920s
    • 25,200,000
  5. When did the horse population experience a dramatic drop?
  6. Why did the horse population drop dramatically?
    combustible engines replace the need for horses
  7. When was the horse population the lowest?
    • 1974
    • 1,600,000
  8. Why did the horse population go back up?
    people began using horses for entertainment and recreation
  9. What are horses used for today?
    • recreation
    • competition
    • therapy (health services)
  10. How many horses are currently in the US?
    9.2 million
  11. What state has the largest population of horses?
    • Texas
    • 978,822
  12. What are the top 5 states for horse populations?
    • Texas
    • California
    • Florida
    • Oklahoma
    • Kentucky
  13. What state has the least amount of horses?
  14. What are the 3 most common horse breeds in the US?
    • Quarter Horses
    • Thoroughbreds
    • Arabians
  15. What do horses in the US used for?
    • 1. recreation (personal use)
    • 2. showing (rodeo, eventing, competition)
    • 3. other (commercial, guest ranches)
    • 4. racing
  16. What is the dominant age of horses in the US?
    5-20 years old
  17. What age group predominately owns horses?
    • 45-59 year olds (middle aged)
    • mostly females
  18. What are some challenges the industry faces?
    • 1. welfare (how the public sees it)
    • 2. veterinary challenges (care & advancements)
    • 3. youth involvement (keep them involved)
    • 4. education (youth and public)
  19. What is one of the biggest issues we face?
    horse slaughter issue
  20. Why are horses sent to slaughter?
    • dispose of old/lame animals
    • send to Europe
    • humane way to put horses down
  21. Where were the horse slaughter houses located in the US?
    • 2 in Texas
    • 1 in Illinois
  22. Where are horses currently sent to slaughter?
    Mexico or Canada
  23. Why is the amendment to the horse slaughter prevention act difficult?
    could make it hard to transport horses to the vet or shows
  24. What are some solutions to the increasing population of unwanted horses?
    • new homes
    • equine rescue, rehabilitation or retirement facilities
    • euthanization

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