Equine Reproduction

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  1. What is the exterior opening of the repro tract?
  2. What makes up the vulva?
    • Labia
    • clitoris
    • vestibule
  3. What is the vagina?
    Muscular membrane that communicates the vestibule to the cervix
  4. What is the physical barrier between the vagina and the uterus?
  5. What affects the shape and characteristics of the cervix?
    Hormonal effects
  6. What changes the color of the cervix?
    • increase of estrogen
    • pale to pink to red
  7. How does the location of the cervix change?
    High to low during estrous cycle
  8. What are oviducts?
    tiny coiled tubes that connect the uterine horn to the ovary
  9. Where does fertilization of an ovum occur?
    Ampulla section of oviduct
  10. What is the ovary?
    Kidney bean shaped and varies in size and texture between breeding and non-breeding seasons
  11. What covers the ovary?
    Follicular epithelial cells that cause a follicle to grow and mature
  12. What is the master organ of the stallion repro system?
  13. What occurs in the testes?
    Sperm and testosterone production
  14. What can affect spermatozoa production?
    • Size
    • season
  15. Where are the testes housed?
  16. Why is repro efficiency the lowest in horses?
    bred for genetics and competition qualities
  17. What is horses' repro efficiency?
    • 50% domestic
    • 80-90% wild
  18. When do mares breed?
    when days become longer (spring & summer)
  19. how long is equine gestation?
    11 months
  20. Why is the universal birthdate bad?
    • Breeders want foals born close to January as possible
    • discouraged from rebreeding mares not bred by may
  21. What is anestrous?
    • Minimal hormone and ovarian activity
    • (winter)
  22. What is estrous?
    • Multiple cycles in spring and summer
    • estrus and diestrous
  23. How long does estrus (heat) last?
    5-7 days
  24. What is diestrous?
    21-23 days between estrous cycles
  25. What activates hormones to prepare for breeding?
  26. What does melatonin do?
    • High in winter
    • drops in spring, telling other hormones to increase (LH, follicle-forming hormones)
  27. What drives the repro system in horses?
  28. What are most breed registries against?
    Embryo transfer
  29. What is the purpose of AI?
    breed more animals
  30. What are the types of AVs?
    • Colorado
    • Missouri
    • Japanese
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