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  1. What is the purpose of bits?
    • Used for control and direction
    • means of communication
  2. How is communication achieved through the bit?
    Pressure is created on different pressure points, stimulating a response from the horse
  3. What are the parts of a Snaffle bit?
    • Mouth piece
    • cheek piece (Rings)
  4. What are the parts of a leverage/shank bit?
    • Purchase
    • shank
    • bar
    • port
  5. What is the purpose of A thin mouthpiece?
    • More severe
    • specific contact area
  6. What is the purpose of a thicker mouthpiece?
    • Less severe
    • larger surface area
  7. What are bits made of?
    • stainless steel
    • sweet iron
    • copper
  8. What is special about copper in bits?
    causes horse to salivate
  9. What kind of pressure do snaffles provide?
  10. Why is rust good in the mouthpiece?
    • more palatable
    • encourages chewing and saliva production
  11. What do multiple hinges allow?
  12. What do ports do?
    • allow for tongue relief
    • can apply pressure to palate
  13. How is leverage determined?
    length of shank in comparison to length of purchase
  14. What does the curb strap do?
    apply pressure on chin groove
  15. What is the purpose of a leverage bit?
    apply pressure mainly on chin groove
  16. With more leverage...
    • less time to react
    • small angle in shank
  17. With less leverage...
    • more time to react
    • large angle in shank
  18. Where is the point of balance in leverage bits?
    in the bars
  19. What are the types of bits?
    • snaffles
    • curbs/leverage
    • combination
    • bitless bridles
  20. How do gag bits work?
    • sliding action provides pressure on the poll
    • good for training
  21. What are combination bits?
    • can be used as leverage because of the curb chain
    • (pelham)
  22. How do hackamores work?
    put pressure on nose
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