Exercise and Fitness

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  1. The ability of your heart, blood vessels, and lungs to distribute nutrients and oxygen, and to remove waste.

    Test: Mile run > Timed > Better time
    Cardiorespratory endurance
  2. The capacity of a muscle or group of muscles to exert or resist force

    Test: Pull ups > Reps > Failure
    Muscle Strength
  3. The ability of muscles to keep working for an extended period of time.

    Test: Push ups/ Sit ups > Reps > Timed
    Muscle Endurance
  4. The ability to use a muscle throughout its entire range of motion.

    Test: Sit and Reach > Measured
  5. The amount of body fat compared to lean tissue; such as muscle and bone.

    % of body fat
    Body Composition
  6. 1. Helps reduce excess body fat.
    2. Reduces blood pressure
    3. Increases Flexibility
    Physical benefits of exercise
  7. 1. Improves self image.
    2. Improves self confidence.
    3. Improves mental alertness.
    Psychological benefits of exercise
  8. Chemicals produced in the brain that give you a sense of satisfaction and pleasure.
  9. Types of exersise
    • ♥ Aerobic
    • ♥ Anaerobic
    • ♥ Isotonic
    • ♥ Isometric
    • ♥ Isokinetic
  10. Long term- oxygen is used to produce energy.

    Muscle fiber type: Slow twitch; red color
    Aerobic exersice
  11. Short term: No oxygen is used to produce energy. ATP

    Muscle fiber type: Fast twitch; color: Pale
    Anaerobic exercise
  12. Involves the contraction
    Isotonic exercise
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