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  1. New Frontier
    • Kennedy's plan for US domestic policy
    • -Extension of New Deal
    • -Stop business recession
    • -Spur nation's growth rate
    • "Let's get the country moving again"
  2. Great Debates
    The televised debates between JFK and Nixon. Most watched political debate thus far.
  3. Television Democracy
    The man who appeared best on television looked like the best candidate-but did they have what it took to be a president?
  4. "Ask not what can your country can do..."
    Famous JFK quote from his inaugural address. These brave words worried those who thought that [the words] could lead the US into world conflict.
  5. Dean Rusk
    Georgian who was appointed as Secretary of State by Kennedy, he was also the president of the Rockefeller Foundation.
  6. Robert S. McNamera
    Appointed by Kennedy as Secretary of Defense. Also president of Ford Motor Company. He was very neat and precise.
  7. Douglas Dillion
    Appointed by Kennedy as Secretary of the Treasury. Kennedy hoped that this appointment would prove that he will be sound in economic matters.
  8. Robert F. Kennedy
    JFK's brother who was a lawyer. JFK appointed him as the Attorney General, and became JFK's closest adviser.
  9. Bay of Pigs
    Attempt to overthrow the new leader of Cuba, Castro, by training and supplying arms to Anti-Castro Cubans and beginning a revolution. Failed pitifully, and US involvement was uncovered.
  10. Allen Dulles
    Director of the CIA. Brother of Secretary of State Dulles.
  11. Nikita Krushchev
    Leader of Soviet Union 1953-1964
  12. Fidel Castro
    Revolutionary and Communist leader of Cuba 1959-foreverandever.
  13. Berlin Wall
    The wall constructed in 1961 that cut off West Berlin from East Berlin (and the East Germany that surrounded them.
  14. "Flexible Response"
    Kennedy's plan to vary the intensity of US involvement based on the situation on hand. Wanted a choice between nothing and Massive Retaliation.
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