spanish II vocab

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  1. apurate
    hurry up!
  2. camina
    he walks
  3. camino
    he walked
  4. el cinturon de seguridad
    seat belt
  5. como si fuera
    as if he were
  6. dejame
    let me
  7. empezo a
    he began to
  8. empieza a
    he begins
  9. esta desesperado
    he is desperate
  10. estaba desesperado
    he was desperate
  11. le regala un collar
    he gives a necklace to him
  12. le regalo un collar
    he gave a necklace to him
  13. le suplica
    he begs him
  14. le suplico
    he begged him
  15. maneja cuidadosamente
    he drives (carefully)
  16. manejo cuidadosamente
    he drove carefully
  17. mas despacio que
    slower than
  18. me deja
    he lets me
  19. no podia respirar
    he couldn't breathe
  20. no puede respirar
    he cannot breathe
  21. para mejorar
    in order to get better/improve
  22. prende
    turn on/start
  23. prendio
    turned on/started
  24. queda lejos
    it is located far away
  25. respeta la velocidad maxima
    respect the speed limit
  26. la saluda
    he greets her
  27. la saludo
    he greeted her
  28. se apura
    he hurries up
  29. se choca con
    he runs/bumps/crashes into
  30. se choco con
    he ran/bumped/crashed into
  31. se da cuenta que
    he realizes that
  32. se dio cuenta de que
    he realized that
  33. se hace muy larga
    gets very long (drags on)
  34. se hacia muy larga
    got very long (dragged on)
  35. se nego
    he denied
  36. se niega
    he denies
  37. se sube a
    he gets up into/climbs into/boards
  38. se subio a
    he got up into/climbed into/boarded
  39. le senal de transito
    traffic sign
  40. sono con
    he dreamed about
  41. suena con
    he dreams about
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