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  1. What is the center of gravity restriction for a fuel imbalance during solo flight?
    The right system cannot exceed twice the amount of the left system
  2. In the event of AC power failure, how could you check your fuel quantity?
    • Hold the fuel/oxygen check switch in the QTY CHECK position
    • Hold the fuel/oxygen check switch in the GAGE TEST position
    • Activate either start button
  3. When will the fuel quantity low-level (FUEL LOW) caution light illuminate?
    Within 7.5 seconds after either indicator reads below 250 pounds remaining
  4. While flying in the traffic patter, what procedure is recommended to balance the fuel
    Use differential power settings
  5. With 1,000 pounds of fuel in each system, the right engine flamed out and will not restart. All other sytems are operating normally. After 10 minutes of single-engine operation, the left fuel system drops down to 750lbs while the right fuel system remains at 1,000lbs. How can the fuel switches be setup to guarentee the use of the fuel in the right fuel system
    Use the crossfeed operation with the left boost pump OFF
  6. Four steps to crossfeed from the left system (right system low) and then return to normal operation.
    • crossfeed switch ON
    • Right boost pump switch OFF
    • Right boost pump switch ON
    • Cross feed switch OFF
  7. The fuel crossfeed allows you to
    • Feed both engines from either system
    • Feed either engine from both systems
  8. Which of the following statements describes the operation of the FUEL PRESS caution light
    Illumination of the light indicates a loss of fuel pressure and possible boost pump fail
  9. The fuel (JP-8) capacity of the T-38C with single point refueling is
    3906 usable
  10. During flight, your right boost pump is inop. Thr right system contains 1500lbs and the left is at 1200lbs. Which of the following would correctly allows you to balance the system
    Differential power settings
  11. Normal refueling is done how?
    single point refueling
  12. Single point refueling provides how much fuel?
    3906lbs usable
  13. What kind of fuel is used?
  14. How many pounds in the right tanks?
  15. How many pounds in the left tank?
  16. Over the Top refueling provides how much fuel?
    3866lbs usable
  17. If being filled "Over the Top" which tank must be filled first?
  18. How many fuel cells are there?
  19. Which fuel cells provide fuel to the left tank?
    Fore and aft dorsal cells, and forward fuselage cell
  20. Which fuel cells provide fuel to the right tank?
    Center and aft fuselage cells
  21. Where is the common vent located for the fuel tanks ?
    In the tail above the rudder
  22. How many fuel probes are there?
  23. The fuel indicator displays total capacity or usable fuel?
    usable fuel
  24. When does the FUEL LOW light illuminate?
    when EITHER fuel indicator reads below 250 for 7.5 seconds
  25. Does the FUEL LOW light illuminate when you have 250lbs or less in the tank or when the indicator reads 250 or less?
  26. Will you still get the FUEL LOW light if you lose the fuel quantity indicator?
  27. What powers the boost pumps?
    AC on the respective side
  28. How does the fuel system compensate for inverted or 0-G flight?
    The boost pump is contained in and inverted flight chamber which traps enough fuel for short periods of time
  29. In MAX power, gravity feed should provide sufficient power up to what altitude?
  30. In MAX power, gravity feed is guaranteed only to what altitude?
  31. In MAX power and gravity feed, flameouts have occurred as allow as what altitude?
  32. What powers the fuel shutoff valves?
    Left essential DC
  33. Where are the fuel shutoff valves located?
    after the boost pump and before the filter and pressure sensor
  34. What two ways can you close the fuel shutoff valves?
    Fuel shutoff switch and throttle(s) - off
  35. Why don't you use the fuel shutoff switch in normal operation?
    it can damage the fuel system
  36. What happens when the fuel filter becomes clogged?
    filter is bypassed
  37. what indicates a bypassed filter?
    red indicator extends from the underside of the aircraft
  38. Where is the fuel filter located?
    after the fuel shutoff valve and before the pressure sensor
  39. Where are the boost pumps located?
    at the bottom of the tank systems in an inverted flight chamber for each respective side
  40. What does the FUEL PRESS light indicate?
    pressure is below 6 psi (normally 10). Possible leak or loss of boost pump
  41. Where is the fuel pressure sensor?
    after the filter, before the engine
  42. With FUEL PRESS light on, crossfeed OFF, fuel shutoff in norm and throttle is out of off, is it boost pump fail or leak?
    boost pump fail
  43. With FUEL PRESS light on, crossfeed ON, fuel shutoff in norm and throttle out of off, is it boost pump or leak?
  44. Easy way to differentiate between boost pump fail and fuel leak with FUEL PRESS light?
    crossfeed OFF is boost pump fail, crossfeed ON is fuel leak
  45. When is a normal momentary illumination of the FUEL PRESS light?
    AB ignition
  46. How much of an imbalance before using crossfeed?
  47. Can you transfer fuel from one tank system to another using crossfeed?
  48. If operating single engine, how do you use all the available fuel in both sides?
  49. When crossfeeding with only one engine (using fuel from both sides), the engine is fuel by which tank group?
    the one with the stronger boost pump
  50. When less than 250 lbs in either system managing balance is less important than what?
    preventing a flameout
  51. When less than 250 lbs in either system, what should be done to prevent flameout?
    Both boost pumps on, crossfeed on
  52. With both boost pumps on, crossfeed on and one tank empties, what happens?
    the other tank takes full over fuel feeding
  53. The RCP boostpump and crossfeed lights indicate what?
    switch position and not actual operation
  54. What 5 times do you not cross feed?
    • Boost pump fail
    • Fuel leak
    • Fuel quantity malfunction
    • Two engines and low altitude
    • Two engines and low fuel
  55. How is the engine fuel if the boost pump is inop?
    • gravity feed
    • With one to two engines and one to two fuel systems (left/right) when will gravity feed provide sufficient fuel gravity feed should be sufficient for 2 engine and 2 fuel systems, 1 engine and 2 fuel systems, but may NOT be sufficient for 2 engines and 1 system
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