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  1. Main fuel pumps supply fuel under _________ pressure
  2. Main fuel control is a _______________ unit
  3. Main fuel control has two major systems, the _____________ and ________________ system
    • Computer
    • metering
  4. Main fuel control computer section…
    senses engine inlet temp, compressor discharge pressure, engine speed and throttle position
  5. Fuel metering section…
    delivers computed fuel flow to the engine
  6. Auxiliary function of the main fuel control is…
    schedule the Variable Geometry System (VGS)
  7. The overspeed governor (OSG)…
    mechanically monitors the maximum speed of the engine
  8. Fuel flow transmitter…
    measures main engine fuel flow only, not AB
  9. Afterburner fuel pump is mounted…
    on the engine accessory section
  10. Afterburner fuel control has three major sections…
    • 1. computer section
    • 2. fuel metering section
    • 3. nozzle control
  11. AB computer section senses…
    compressor discharge pressure and throttle setting
  12. AB fuel metering section…
    supplies correct fuel flow to pilot burner and main AB spraybar manifolds
  13. T5 system (turbine discharge temp) engages at ___
  14. AB nozzle control section…
    schedules the exhaust nozzle opening when directed by the T5 system
  15. # of sets of spraybars in the AB section
  16. ___________ bus is used for a ground start
  17. _________ engine should be started first
  18. Static inverter converts __ power to __ for the ______ engine instruments
    DC, AC, right AC
  19. Battery switch should be ___ before connecting the APU
  20. With one engine operating you can attempt _______________ airstarts
  21. With a dual engine flameout, attempt to start the ___________ engine first
  22. Leave the throttle at IDLE for __ seconds before aborting a start
  23. Airstart envelope
    • 25,000'
    • minimum of 12% RPM (18-20% is heart for all altitudes)
    • allow full 30-second cycle
    • if at extremely low altitudes use alternate airstart procedure
  24. Compressor stall is a…
    disruption of smooth airflow over the compressor blades
  25. Low altitude, high airspeed compressor stall indications
    • loud noise
    • rapid RPM increase
    • rapid EGT increase
  26. High altitude, low airspeed compressor stall indications
    • rapid RPM decrease
    • rapid EGT decrease
  27. Sheared oil pump shaft fail indications
    oil pressure and RPM decrease to Zero, T5 system fails
  28. Correct course of action for Sheared oil pump shaft
    Shut down the affected engine
  29. T5 system failure indications
    • AB will probably not ingnite
    • high EGT
    • closed nozzle at or above ~97% RPM
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