chpt 9 review 9.1-9.3

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  1. Define tendon and aponeurosis
    a tendon is a collagenous bundle that connects  a skeletal muscle to a bone. aponeurosis is collagenous sheet that connects the muscle to wider part of the bone
  2. Describe the conncetive tissue layers assoociated with skeletal muscle tissue
    epimysium surround the entire muscle, perimysium surrounds a fasicle of muscle fibers, endomysium surround the an individual muscle fiber
  3. how would severing the tendon attached to a muscle affect the muscle's ability to move a body part
    Severing the tendon would disconnect the muscle from the bone and would not be able to move to body part
  4. define transverse tubules
    are extensions of the sarcolemma that extend deep into the sarcoplasm, contracting cisternae of the SR
  5. describe the structural components of a sarcomere
    smallest contractile unit, are segments of myofibrils, dark A band and light I bands, A band contains M line, H band, and zone of overlap. I band contains thin filaments, Z lines mark the boundaries between adjacent sarcomeres
  6. where would you expect the greatest concentration of Ca2+ to be in a resting skeletal muscle
    In the cisternae of the sarcoplasmic reticulum
  7. describe the components of thin filaments and thick filaments
    thin filaments have actin, tropomyosin, troponin, and thick filaments have myosin with core of titin
  8. what gives skeletal muscles its striated appearance
    the alternating actin and myosin arrangement
  9. briefly describe the sliding filament theory
    is the process of sarcomeres shortening causing thin and thick filaments to slide past one another
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