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  1. What valve does the cabin pressure switch control?
    bleed air shutoff valve
  2. What type of power controls the cabin pressure switch?
  3. What is the guarded position of the cabin pressure switch?
    Bleed air shuttoff valve open, allowing air conditioning and pressurization to work
  4. What happens to the air as it is tapped off the compressor section and directed to the pneumatic system?
    Cooled as necessary and sent to the appropriate systems
  5. Memory acronym for pneumatic system
    DCGAP - Defog, canopy seal, g-suit, AC, pressurization, pressurization
  6. Up to what altitude can the pressurization system maintain a cabin altitude of 8,000'?
  7. What is cabin altitude tolerance up to FL230?
    +/- 1,000'
  8. What is the cabin altitude tolerance above FL230?
  9. What differential pressure is maintained above FL230?
    5.0 psi
  10. What is the formula for computing cabin pressure above FL230?
  11. How does the cabin temperature rheostat function?
    With toggle switch in AUTO the rheostat electrically (AC) moves the temperature control valve which controls how much air passes through the heat exchanger
  12. How does the cabin air temperature toggle switch function?
    Spring-loaded to off. Depressing the switch either direction manually moves the temperature control valve
  13. How long does it take the temp control valve to move from full cold to full hot?
    About 6 seconds
  14. What does the pneumatic defog control do?
    Governs only volume of airflow
  15. What temperature does the defog system try to maintain?
  16. What happens if defog air gets above 200°F?
    Temp control valve closes and heat exchanger air enters the system until below 200°
  17. What is the backup temp sensor's limit and what does it do?
    280°F/shuts off all airflow
  18. If the cabin pressure switch is set to RAM DUMP, what two pneumatic systems are still powered?
    Hydrualic reservoir and engine anti-ice
  19. What happens to the pneumatic system in the event of an AC power failure?
    All valves and temp setting remain as preset
  20. What are some corrective procedures if the temperature rheostat malfunctions?
    Try the manual hot/cold switch. If that doesn't work, select RAM DUMP. If that doesn't work poke a hole in or jettison the canopy
  21. What are indications of an air cooling turbine failure?
    Loud bang or rumbling vibration accompanied by smoke/fumes from AC outlets
  22. What are corrective procedures for a air cooling turbine failure?
    Select RAM DUMP below FL250 and reduce airspeed
  23. What is meant by "blowing out" the defog system?
    Turning defog to full and temp to full hot
  24. What does "blowing out" the defog system do?
    Clears the moisture separator precluding fogging up at level off
  25. What is the corrective action if canopies do fog up?
    Defog full and AC full cold
  26. What causes duct howl?
    Front cockpit outlet open while rear is closed or partially closed
  27. Corrective action for duct howl?
    Close front cockpit duct slightly or slight open rear cockpit duct
  28. What does a coalescer bag malfunction look like?
    Whitish smoke enters cockpit from behind the rear seat when blowing out the system
  29. Can you continue the mission with a coalescer bag malfunction?
    Yes, but write it up when you get on the ground
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