advance knowledge for 9th gup

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  1. Low Section
    Hadan or Naundae
  2. Middle Section
    Chundan or Kaundae
  3. High Section
    Sangdan or Napundae
  4. Rear Leg
    Dwit Dari
  5. Forward Leg-
    Ap Dari
  6. Fighting Stance or Guarding Stance
    Daeryon Sogi
  7. Parallel Stance
    Narani Sogi
  8. Attention Stance
    Charyot Sogi
  9. Bowing Stance
    Charyot Sogi Kyung Yea
  10. Parade Rest
    Yul Jung Sho
  11. Walking Stance
    Chongul Sogi
  12. Sitting Stance
    Kima Sogi
  13. L-Stance-
    Hugol Sogi
  14. Fist
  15. Fore-fist
    Ap Joomuk
  16. Fore-fist Punch-
    Ap Joomuk Jirugi
  17. Outer Forearm Block
    Bakat Palmok Makgi
  18. Knife hand Block
    Seudo Makgi
  19. Inner Forearm Block
    An Palmok Makgi
  20. Front Stretch Kick-
    Ap Cha Olligi
  21. Front Kick
    Ap chagi
  22. Side Stretch Kick
    Yop Cha Olligi
  23. Side Kick
    Yop Chagi
  24. Back Stretch Kick
    Dwit Cha Olligi
  25. Back Kick
    Dwit Chagi
  26. Jump
  27. Jump Kick
    Twimyo Chagi
  28. Bow posture - Kyong Ye Jase
    This is the posture and movement a Tae Kwon Do student should perform when greeting the instructor, fellow student, jury and/or opponent during competition.

    • From Attention Stance:

    • Bend the body 15 degrees forward
    • Keep eyes fixed on opponent's eyes
    • Legs are straight with no bend at the knees
    • Drop the fists down naturally, bending the elbows slightly
    • The fists are clenched slightly
  29. Parallel Stance - Narani Sogi
  30.  One shoulder width, measured from foot sword to foot sword.
    • No length. The feet are straight and parallel to each other.
    • The legs are straight. No bend to the knees.
    • Even weight distribution, 50% on each foot.
    • Both fists are brought in front of the abdomen, slightly clenched. The fists are about 2 inches apart from each other and 3 inches away from the abdomen.
    • There are about 4 inches between the elbows and the floating ribs.
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