chpt 9 review 9.4-9.6

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  1. describe the neuromuscular junction
    NMJ is intercellular connection that enable motor neuron to communicate with skeletal muscle fiber
  2. how would a drug that blocks acetylcholine release affect muscle contraction
    a muscle contraction would not occur
  3. predict what would happen if there were no AChE in the synaptic cleft
    the muscle would be locked in a contraction state
  4. what molecule supplies the energy for a muscle contraction
  5. list the interrelated steps that occur once the contraction cycle has begun
    active-site exposure, cross-bridge formation, myosin head pivoting (power stroke), cross-bridge detachment, myosin reactivation "recocking'
  6. what triggers myosin reactivation
    the breakdown of ATP to ADP+P
  7. name a factor that affects the amount of tension produced when a skeletal muscle contracts
    the length of individual sarcomere
  8. explain two key concepts of the length-tension relationship
    the greater the zone of overlap in sarcomere the greater the tension the muscle can develop, there is an optimum range of actin and myosin overlap that will produce the greatest amount of tension
  9. for each portion of a myogram tracing a twitch in a stimulated gastrocnmeius muscle fiber, describe the events that occur within the muscle
    first the latent period than contraction phase and finally relaxation phase
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