chpt 9 review 9.7-9.9

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  1. define a motor unit
    is all of the muscle cells controlled by a single motor neuron
  2. describe the relationship between the number of fibers in a motor unit and the precision of body movements
    the finer and more precise the movement produced by a muscle, the fewer the number of muscle fibers in the motor unit
  3. compare incomplete tetanus with wave summation
    incomplete tetanus is muscle producing near peak tension during rapid cycle of contraction or relaxation, wave summation is the addition of one twitch to anotehr
  4. define isotonic contaction and isometric contraction
    isotonic tension rises and length of muscle changes, isometric tension rises and length of muscle dose not change
  5. can a skeletal muscle contract without shortening? why or why not
    yes during isometric contraction, due to the relationship between the resistance and the tension produced by actin-myosin interaction
  6. explain the relationship between load and speed of muscle contractions
    the heavier the load on a muscle, the longer it will take for the muscle to begin to shorten and the less the muscle will shorten
  7. identify three sources of energy utilized by muscle fibers
    ATP CP and glycogen
  8. how do muscle cells continuously synthesize ATP
    by utilizing CP and by metabolizing glycogen and fatty acids
  9. under what conditions do muscle fibers produce lactic acid
    Anaerobic metabolism, peak levels of muscle activity
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