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  1. 7 mile initial altitude restriction
    at or above 3300'
  2. 3-mile initial altitude restriction
  3. Once at 4,000, maneuver to fly ____ of Pt A if on RWY 15 or fly ____ of Pt A if on RWY 33
  4. Be wings level ___ ____ minimum prior to Point A
    one mile
  5. Cross Point A at ___ on a ___ intercept to outside downwind.
  6. 4 possible Tinder responses to closed from center
    • 1. Center closed approved
    • 2. center turn crosswind
    • 3. Center maintain runway heading
    • 4. Center breakout
  7. If no response is heard from Tinder, fly runway heading and attempt to contact Tinder until __ ___ past the runway, climb to ____.
    5 miles/4,000'
  8. Report approximately a __ ___ initial and the ___ of arrival
    15 mile / direction
  9. The break zone is the first ____ from the approach end
  10. 2 times you don't break in VFR pattern
    Straight in between 9 and 4 and unable to maintain spacing with inside downwind
  11. Aircraft established inside ___ _____ ___ have priority over aircraft on __ ___ _____.
    7 mile initial/90*/45* to initial
  12. When is tactical initial available?
    When tower controls tinder and center
  13. For tac initial, what does flight lead line up with?
    Taxiway D
  14. If in a 4-ship, the formation will be a container (not offset), with the trailing element ___ - ____ feet behind the leading element.
  15. When pulling closed or turning crosswind on Runway 15, cross the extended runway centerline of Runway 17 at or above ___.
  16. What are the closed conflicts?
    Straight in between 9 and 4, between 3-mile initial and in the break
  17. When do you normally turn crosswind?
    Departure end
  18. fly ___ KTS on inside downwind prior to configuring
  19. Do not begin the final turn with a straight-in unless?
    Straight-in inside 4 is in sight and normal final turn can be flown behind
  20. Acknowledge runway 17 departures with "Tally Ho" or "No Joy" during what?
    Closed request
  21. Land with at least _____ spacing when offset
  22. Go around maximum altitude
  23. Where to offset if going around with aircraft on the runway
    Between runway and taxiway D
  24. Restricted low approach min altitude
    500' AGL
  25. What is the 4500' high pattern used for?
    Solo pattern only missions
  26. How to enter the high pattern after initial takeoff
    Turn crosswind and climb to 4500'
  27. What to report on initial in the high pattern
    "High Initial"
  28. __ ___ and ___ ___ students should request a back area from FWC
    Basic instrument/solo UPT
  29. TO depart an area request ___ ___ ___ from FWC
    desired RTB routing
  30. Descend to cross Vasty, Mikke, or Megga level at _____
  31. Aircraft recovering from Stover or Dundee depart the area at or below _____
  32. Aircraft in other than Stover/Dundee exit at or below
  33. Approaching ___ ___ ___ or ___ ___ ___ and able to maintain VFR, cancel IFR
    VFR entry point/falls base position
  34. When is the only time T-38's should use Shep 1/2 MOA
    When T-6's are not using it
  35. What is radar vectors after initial takeoff (local climbout) to an instrument final followed by IFR departure?
    ILP - IFR Last Pattern
  36. Do not fly ___ ___ ___ to Tinder's runway.
    multiple instrument approaches
  37. Radar pattern airspeeds are ____ downwind, ____ base, maintain ____ until 10 DME
  38. Plan to fly the Red River Two followed by the ___, ___, or ____ stereos when flying out and back and X country mission
    Mikke, Piece, and Speed
  39. Instrument wingover maneuver entry parameters
    95% RPM, 350 KCAS
  40. Fly the instrument wingover maneuver with primary reference to the ___ ___
    standby ADI
  41. Ensure at least a ___ ___ interval between Fido (NAS Ft Worth) departures
    15 minute
  42. For Arcas (Dyess) stereo, if local training is in progress, expect ___ ___
    one approach
  43. Coordinate with____ base ops before departure to obtain approval due to pattern saturation
  44. LBB is off limits from ____ to ____
    Sept 15 to March 15
  45. If the Wichita Falls VORTAC is ots, what has to happen?
    SOF coordinate with RAPCON for radar vectors for stereo routes
  46. Plan as though an alternate were required for airfields with a ___ ___ ____
    single compatible runway
  47. There are single-runway ops exceptions at ___ and ____
  48. Min wx for low level VR/IR routes is?
  49. During night ops, what should you report to Tinder when ready to takeoff?
    Last three digits of tail number
  50. Max a/c in Tinder's pattern at night
  51. Remain with ___ until sequenced into the overhead pattern
  52. What is the night breakout procedure?
    Climbing turn to the west to 4,000' continue to squawk 0377 contact arrival
  53. Entry via ___ ___ is not authorized at night
    Point A
  54. If told to standby in Tinder's pattern what should you do?
    Maintain runway heading until 1 mile past departure end then turn crosswind
  55. If told to extend in Tinder's pattern what should you do?
    Maintain runway heading at or below 2,300'
  56. 4 T-38 maneuver restrictions
    • No night aerobatics
    • night circling approaches
    • night low closed
    • supersonic flight below FL 300
  57. 15R 9-mile straight-in ground reference
    The 9-mile point is the southernmost edge of the railroad bridge (11 DME) over the Red River due north of Burkburnett
  58. 15R 4-mile straight-in ground reference
    The 4-mile point (5.5 DME) is the same grain bins as for the Falls
  59. 15R crosswind reference
    Toward Highway 287 and tan Wichita Falls water tower
  60. 15R outside downwind reference
    Just prior to water tower, abeam trailer park. Just west of 4 red and white antennas
  61. 15R 90-to-initial reference
    Past the prison, abeam small livestock lake. Silver grain storage elevators as reference
  62. 15R 45-to-initial reference
    Highway overpass just North of grain elevators, turn to point 1/2 NM to the blue standpipe
  63. 15R 7-mile initial reference
    Abeam Burkburnett's northern edge, south of Red River, just prior to I44 overpass
  64. 15R 3-mile initial reference
    Abeam the roadside park on I44, west of initial
  65. 33L 9-mile straight-in ground reference
    The 9-mile reference is slightly west of the teardrop shaped lake (10 DME)
  66. 33L 4-mile straight-in ground reference
    4 miles (5 DME) is abeam the center of the white tanks described in the Falls procedure
  67. 33L crosswind reference
    North of the PPG glass plant on I-44
  68. 33L outside downwind reference
    1 mile west of PPG, turn outside downwind. Fly between trailer park and WF water tower direct to white MSU coliseum dome
  69. 33L 90-to-initial reference
    Kell boulevard (277)
  70. 33L 45-to-initial reference
    Abeam the Blue building downtown WF
  71. 33L 7-mile initial reference
    Abeam road exiting to the east from northern kickapoo airfield boundary
  72. 33L 3-mile initial reference
    Abeam sewage treatment plant west of initial

    • Point Alpha
    • Wichita Valley Airport
  73. Point Bravo
    5 NM W of BB where road bends from NE to E. Bend is south of a football-shaped island in the RR from which a road leads directly south to intersect the bend. On the south side of the bend are a few small white tanks and a pond. Reference SHP 293/012 fix
  74. Point Charlie
    Just south of Lake Wichita where Highway 79 bends from the soutwest slightly to the northeast. At this bend is an east/west interesection. Reference SHP 188/011 fix
  75. Does the green marker have to be adjusted for gust factor?
  76. All aircrews will challenge/response each other on approach of what?
    Intended landing runway in sight and proper ground track
  77. Runway alignment challenge/response must be done NLT when?
    5-miles or gear down, whichever occurs first
  78. During an instrument approach, if the IP says nothing, what should you do?
    Assume you are in the Wx and execute missed approach procedures at the appropriate time
  79. What additional cockpit management items should be accomplished during post-flight?
    • Loosen seat straps
    • AC to full hot/Auto
  80. For all sorties, what should studs do prior to the debrief?
    • rewind the tape
    • download maintenance data
  81. For contact sorties, what should the tape be set to?
    first pattern
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