chpt 9 review 9.10-9.11

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  1. define oxygen debt
    is the amount of oxygen intake required after strenuous activity to produce ATP needed to restore body back to normal conditions
  2. what two processes are crucial in repaying a muscles oxygen debt during recovery period
    aerobic respiration by liver cells in making ATP for converting lactate to glucose and aerobic respiration by muscle cells in restoring ATP, CP and glyogen to normal level
  3. after strenuous exercise, what causes the "burning" sensation in skeletal muscles
    the accumulation of lactate
  4. identify the three types of skeletal muscle fibers
    fast fibers, slow fibers, and intermediate fibers
  5. why would a sprinter experience muscle fatigue before a marathon runner would
    sprinter requires large amounts of energy for short bursts of activity anaerobic metabolism energy, marathon runners use aerobic metabolism energy
  6. which type of muscle fiber would you expect to predominate in the large leg muscles of someone who excels at endurance activities, such as cycling or long distance running
    slow fibers
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