R44 II Definitions

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  1. KIAS
    Knot indicated airspeed, shown on airspeed indicator
  2. KCAS
    Knots calibrated airspeed: Speed shown on the airspeed indicator corrected for instrument and position error
  3. KTAS
    Knots true airspeed: relative to undisturbed air, it is KCAS corrected for pressure altitude and temperature
  4. Vne
    Never exceed airspeed
  5. Vy
    Speed for best rate of climb
  6. Vh
    stabilized level-flight speed for maximum continuous power
  7. MSL
    Mean sea level: altitude above sea level indicated in feet by the altimeter, when the barometric subscale is set to the atmospheric pressure existing at sea level
  8. Pressure altitude
    Altitude in feet, indicated by the altimeter, when the barometric subscale is set to 29.92 Hg
  9. Density altitude
    Altitude in feet, in ISA conditions in which the air would have the same density
  10. ISA
    International standard atmosphere: pressure is 29.92 Hg at sea level, temperature at 15° C at sea level. and temperature decreases at 1.98° C per 1,000 feet of altitude
  11. BHP
    Brake horse power
  12. MAP
    Manifold pressure: absolute pressure in the engine intake manifold
  13. RPM
    Revolutions per minute
  14. MCP
    Maximum continuous power
  15. TOP
    Take-off power
  16. Critical altitude
    altitude at which full throttle produces maximum allowable power
  17. TOGW
    Take-off gross weight
  18. OAT
    Outside air temperature
  19. CHT
    Cylinder head temperature
  20. GPH
    Gallons per hou
  21. AGL
    Above ground level
  22. IGE
    In-ground affect
  23. OGE
    Out of ground effect
  24. ALT
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