Order of Draw

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  1. CS1
    Yellow (SPS)
  2. CS2
    Lt Blue (Bleeder)
  3. CS3
    Red, Gold, Speckled (Red/Gray), Tiger (Orange/Grey)
  4. CS4
    Yellow (ACD)
  5. CS5
    Lt Grn, Grn/Grey
  6. CS6
    Green on ice
  7. CS7
    Lavender, Purple, Pink
  8. CS8
  9. CS9
    Dark Blue
  10. What yields Serum?
    Clot Activators in CS3, Red has nothing in it (throw away tube)
  11. What yields Plasma?
    Additives in all the tubes but CS3
  12. 3-4 Inversions
    I:  Blue tubes
  13. 5 Inversions ONLY
    I:  Serum (SST) = CS3
  14. 8-10 Inversions
    I:  All others (not blue or Serums)
  15. T: FUO
    T: Fever of Unknown Origin (Betadine or "rw" Red-ta, Y-SPS)
  16. Icy Water
    Lt Blue & all Greens (Lt Grn, Marble [Grn/Grey], Green)
  17. Paternity testing
    T: Yellow-ACD (CS4)
  18. A:  SPS
    A:  CS1-Y
  19. A:  Citrate (on ice)
    A:  CS2-Lt Bl
  20. A:  None
    A:  CS3a (Red) or CS9
  21. A:  Thixotropic Gell (Clot Act)
    A:  CS3 (Gold, Speckle)
  22. A:  Silica (Clot Act)
    A:  CS3 (Tiger)
  23. A:  ACD
    A:  CS4-Y
  24. A:  SAL Heparin (on ice)
    A:  Green
  25. A:  EDTA or none
    A:  CS9
  26. A:  PO & SF (Potassium Oxalate & Sodium Fluoride)
    A:  CS8-G
  27. T:  Blood Culture
    T:  CS1, Betadine (15 min)
  28. T:  Blood Culture (Bottles)
    T:  8-10ml, 2 sets (4 bottles), Areobic 1st
  29. T:  APTT, PTT, PT=INR, BT (bleeding time) (bleeder)
    T:  CS2 (on ice)
  30. Oral aspirin or Heparin (bleeder, on ice)
    Coumadin/Warfarin (PTT, PT/INR) or APTT
  31. Plasma yields what blood?
    Whole Blood
  32. T:  RPR
    T:  Syphilis-CS3a
  33. T:  VDRL
    T:  STD - CS3
  34. T:  SMAC/CMB
    T:  old/modern - CS3b
  35. T:  HLA & Paternity
    T:  CS4
  36. T:  PST (plasma separator)
    T:  CS5
  37. T:  ABG, Drugs, Ammonia, STAT Electrolytes
    T:  CS6 on ice
  38. T:  CBC, HCT & HGB (anemic), ESR, Lupus, HgbA1c
    T:  CS7
  39. T:  Glucose, Alcohol, FBS, OGTT w/ Betadine
    T:  CS8
  40. T:  Lead, Iron, Mercury
    T:  CS9
  41. T:  Lead
    T:  use Royal Bl, 30 mins
  42. T:  CBC
    T:  Complete Blood Count - CS7
  43. T:  BUN
    T:  Kidney Func-CS3b
  44. OGTT means
    Oral Glucose Tolerance Test - CS8
  45. OGTT takes how long & # of tubes
    OGTT is 3 hrs w/ 5 tubes, CS8
  46. When is blood taken for OGTT (CS8)
    • 1) Initial
    • 2) w/i 5 mins drinks & I stick
    • 3) 30 or 60 mins stick again, now it starts
    • 4) 30 or 60 mins stick again
    • 5) 30 or 60 mins stick again
  47. FBS means
    Fasting Blood Sugar
  48. Fast how many hrs
    only water/pills for 12 hrs
  49. Basel State
    no exercise 8-12 hrs
  50. POCT is going to patient
    Pt of Care Testing is AST (Alt Site Test)
  51. PP (after meal)
    Post Prandial
  52. OSHA for my safety
    Occupt'l Safety & Health Admin
  53. HIPAA, patient's rts & confident'l
    Health Ins Portability & Accntblty Act
  54. TDM
    Therapeutic Drug Monitoring = SC3 & Toxicology
  55. TDM high
  56. TDM mini
  57. L:  Microbiology
    L:  CS1
  58. L:  Coagulation/Hemotology
    L:  CS2
  59. L:  Immunohematology/Blood Bank
    L:  CS3 R/Gd
  60. L:  Special Chemistry
    L:  CS5
  61. L:  Whole Blood/Hematology
    L:  CS7
  62. A:  Cellular Studies
    A:  SPS, CS1
  63. A:  Room Tempurature
    A:  ACD, CS4
  64. A:  Heparin Inhibits What
    A:  Thrombin, Blood Clotting Time, SAL CS5 & CS6 on ice
  65. T:  CPK/CK, Creatine Phosphokinase
    Detects heart muscle damage
    T:  CS2, on ice
  66. T:  B12, BHCG (pregnancy), Blood Bank, Blood Type, Drugs (?), RH
    T:  CS3a
  67. T:  PSA, Uric Acid
    AST, Bilirubin, GOT, SGOT (Liver)
    HDL, LDL, Tri, cholesterol (Lipds)
    TSH, T3, T4 (Thyroid)
    T:  CS3b
  68. T:  DNA, Forensic, Organ Transplant, Tissue Typing
    T:  CS4
  69. M
    I BB Sex "a"
    5 Spec Chems for
    7 WB Plasma Hematology
    all the rest are Chems
    for Drugs are Toxic
    • CS1 Microbiology
    • CS2 Coagulation/Hematology
    • CS3a Immunohematology, Blood Bank, Seralogy
    • CS5 Special Chemistry
    • CS7 Whole Blood/Plasma Hematology
    • Chemistry and Drugs to Toxicology
  70. T:  STAT Potassium
  71. T:  ANA/LE
    CBC, RBC, WBC, Diff, ESR, Platelets
    HCT, HGB
    HgbA1c (Hemaglobin, blood sugar)
    Sickle Cell
    Stat Plasma
  72. narrow bore glass or plastic capillary tubes, hold 50-70 uL of blood
    micro-hematocrit tubes
  73. volume of circulating blood that is occupied by erythrocytes (RBCs) and expressed as a %age
    hematocrit value
  74. females 38-46%
    males    42-52%

    newborn 44-64%
    hematocrit values
  75. packed cell volume
  76. helps identify patients at risk of developing anemia & manage patients who have anemia due to iron deficiency
    hematocrit test
  77. ammonium heparin coated or plain tubes collect blood how
    by blood capillary action
  78. color of micro-hematocrit tubes with ammonium heparin coating
  79. color of micro-hematocrit tubes with no coating or plain
  80. come with a scoop attachment and are designed to hold 250-500 uL of blood
  81. Phenylketonuria PKU, acid in the urine
    skin puncture test on newborns w/i 72 hrs of birth
  82. bone inflammation
  83. inflammation of the bone & cartilage
  84. Peak TDM draw time
    15-30 minutes after a dose
  85. Trough TDM draw time
    just prior to the next dose
  86. fasting blood sugar level greater then 200 means for OGTT
    the test is not performed unless the Dr orders
  87. OGTT blood glucose levels peak when
    30mins to 1hr
  88. when does timing begin for an OGTT
    as soon the the drink is finished w/i the maximum allowed time of 5 minutes
  89. draws for 2hr OGTT
    fasting, 30 mins, 1hr, 2hr = 4 tubes
  90. draws for 3hr OGTT
    fasting, 30 mins, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr = 5 tubes
  91. draws for 5hr OGTT
    fasting, 30 mins, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4hr = 6 tubes
  92. bilirubin, vit A, and vit B6 tests are
    light sensitive
  93. blood smear needs a ____ edge using a __-__ degree angle of the top slide
    • feathered 
    • 30-35
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