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  1. What are the 6 classifications of nutrients?
    • energy (carbs)
    • lipids (fats)
    • proteins
    • minerals
    • vitamins
    • water
  2. Why are carbs important?
    primary energy source
  3. Where are carbs found?
    • grain
    • hay/grass
  4. Why are lipids (fat) important?
    • needed to make fat-soluble vitamins
    • 2 to 3x as much energy as glucose
  5. Where are lipids (fat) found?
    • vegetable oil
    • soybean oil
    • rice bran
    • fish oil
  6. Why is protein important?
    • essential for growth & performance
    • needed to make amino acids
  7. What is needed to figure out nutrient requirements?
    • body weight (kg)
    • physiological status
  8. What are the nutrient requirements for idle horses?
    • daily energy to maintain healthy body weight
    • maintain moderate BCS
  9. What is a limiting macromineral in idle horses?
  10. What are the nutrient requirements for broodmares?
    • provide for fetal development
    • keep BCS of 6
    • more grain, smaller, more frequent meals
  11. What are the nutrient requirements for growing horses?
    • reach genetic potential
    • sound development
    • high quality forage
    • feed formulated for growth
  12. Describe equine digestive system:
    esophagus > stomach > small intestine > cecum > large intestine
  13. What makes up the foregut?
    stomach & small intestine
  14. What makes up the hind gut?
    cecum & large intestine
  15. What breaks down proteins?
  16. What happens in the stomach?
    • particle breakdown
    • start of protein digestion
  17. What happens in the small intestine?
    • enzymatic digestion
    • prime site of nutrient absorption
  18. What is lipase?
    breaks down lipids
  19. What happens in the cecum?
    • microbial fermentation
    • microbes produce volatile fatty acids & vitamins B and K
  20. What happens in the large colon?
    • VFA synthesis and absorption
    • B-vitamin synthesis
  21. What happens in the small colon?
    • water re-absorption
    • feces development
  22. Where are amino acids absorbed?
    small intestine
  23. Horses are what kind of fermenters?
  24. Where are fat soluble vitamins produced?
  25. Where is most water absorbed?
    large intestine
  26. What has the highest crude fiber?
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