Living on another planet

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  1. Living on another planet
  2. Ask class:If you could live on another planet where would you live?
  3. ask class:Why do you think anyone would want to live on another plant? any ideas
  4. <p>first thing that came to my mind was...

    Zombie apocalypse

    Aliens take over our planet.

    we run out of resources like water and air.</p>
  5. We chose Mars!
  6. fun fact about MarsMars has the tallest mountain in the Solar SystemThe tallest mountain in the Solar System is the mighty Olympus Mons on Mars. It rises up 16 miles above the surrounding plains.

    And Mars has the longest, deepest canyon in the Solar SystemOne of the most distinct features on the surface of Mars is the Valles Marineris canyon. It stretches 4,000 km (2,485 mile) along the equator of Mars, and can be as deep as 4miles (7km) in places. If you could move the Valles Marineris to Earth, it would stretch right across the United States.

  7. Every two years, Mars and Earth line up so that missions can be sent with a minimum amount of fuel
  8. This area is also on the Equator of mars where it is the warmest but still at freezing level at night and is highest temp could be 85 F in the day during Mars summer but back to freezing at night.
  9. Living in the VALLES MARINERIS canyon will provide use with flat areas to build on.

    so obviously easier to work on and live on.

    Plus this way you have a 360 view of your surrounding.
    Thats important to me because im scared of aliens
  10. Our plan is to go to mars and live there. Basically we would train to go to mars and live there. and every two years we would  others (people) JOIN to help with our project. via more rockets.we woulld have our equipment and supplies shipped to us by other Rockets
  11. will need things like :Parts to build a self contained bio dome.
    Vehicles used for means of travel.
    Equipment to convert water/ice to oxygen.
    Drilling equipment.
    Solar panels
    .Wind generators
    .All tools needed for all projects on mars
    .Food/WaterOxygenAll other Survive equipment.
    Seeds for many plants that we will be growing in the bio dome.
    Communication Satellite deployed to orbit Mars
  12. while we settle in to mars and start our biodomes we plan on having another team on earth training to come to mars and bringing more supplies. we would do teams of 4 every 2 years when mars lines up with mars
  13. When we get there we will live in these pods and work our way to living in a biodome that maintains it self
  14. we will definitly have constant communication with earth  via orbiting satellites this way would come report our progress and ask for more supplies.we might need more supplies every year
  15. Dealing with isolation
    we will just have to be best friends.
    as a team we would have to work hard on learning how to communicate with eachother to avoid any issues.

    our training in coping skills will be a huge help.
    Our lives depend on not being isolated in any shape or form. mentally or physically.
  16. also the crew is allowed to bring personal belongings to help them cope.

    movies, games, books.

    'our satellite would allow us to stream live cable from earth.

    stay in touch with earth.

    we would also be able to "Skype our friends and families" to help cope
  17. our guestimate of what it cost is ....
  18. problems we encountered:
    How much is it going to cost
    Where are we going to get the funding?
    Third party Help?
    Is technology its self is it ready?
    How are we going to get Oxygen/Water/Food?
    How to be safe from the environment on Mars?
    How are we going to Travel on the Planet?
    How we going to get Power?
    How are we going to stay warm on such a cold Planet?
    How do we communicate with Earth?
    How are we going to handle isolation?
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