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  1. Bakers cyst
    • Supine AP both sides, rolled lat affected side.
    • pocket of fluid forming lump behind knee.
  2. ? Loose body in knee
    • Ap supine both, rolled lat affected.
    • intercondylar view.
  3. High suspicion # knee but none seen
    30degree ap oblique
  4. osgood schlatters paed
    • Ap supine both knees,
    • accessory coned rolled lateral tibial tubercle ( smallest film)
    • osgood aka epiphysitis of tibial tubercle or knobby knees. Irritation of patella ligament of tibial tuberosity. painful lumps below knee. Risk factors excess weight, jumping rope, adolescent bone growth mainly.
  5. Pain or oa knee
    • Over 40 both ap weight bearing, rolled lat affected.
    • under 40 both ap supine, rolled lat affected.
  6. Patella
    Mountain views both sides and other views as per age.
  7. Pre tkjr
    Weight bearing affected side with template ball and rolled lat
  8. post tkjr
    Supine ap, horizon ray lat. both views must show all replacement and cement.
  9. Revision tkjr
    Wb AP both sides, supine ap with template, horizon ray lateral all views to have all replacement and cement.
  10. om45
    Sup orbital margin sup,symphysis mention inf, both zygomatics lat. us rotated, petrous ridges below maxillary antra. Mobil 50-55deg.
  11. Zygomatics
    Pt supine tube angled to perpendicular to zygomatic arch, cr plate resting on 45 deg sponge, coned to arch.
  12. 30deg om45
    Same rio as om45 include all facial bones. Pa 30 caudal.
  13. Post op orbital floor repair.
    • Om45
    • orbit pa
    • lat
  14. LAT
    • Sup frontal sinus
    • symph menti inf
    • eam posteriorly
    • nasal bones ant.
  15. Abdo gp pain
  16. Constipated paed
    Pead consultant must approve
  17. Constipation faecal loading
    not imaged unless approved by gasterointerologist.
  18. Cystic fibrosis brasfield staging
    Pa and lat
  19. Foreign body paed chest
    • Pa chest inspiration
    • pa chest expiration
  20. Ph probe
    Pa chest to include probe in stomach
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