CPT Appendices in CPT manual

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  1. Appendix A:
    Lists all modifiers with complete explanations for use
  2. Appendix B:
    Contains a complete list of additions to, deletions from, and revisions of the previous year's edition.
  3. Appendix C:
    Provides clinical examples of Evaluation and Management (E & M) codes
  4. Appendix D:
    Contains a listing of the CPT add-on codes
  5. Appendix E:
    Contains a list of modifier -51 exempt codes
  6. Appendix F:
    Contains a list of modifier -63 exempt codes
  7. Appendix G:
    Summary of CPT codes that include moderate (conscious) sedation
  8. Appendix I:
    Genetic testing code modifiers
  9. Appendix J:
    Electrodiagnostic medicine listing of sensory, motor, and mixed nerves
  10. Appendix K:
    Product pending FDA approval
  11. Appendix L:
    Vascular Families
  12. Appendix M:
    Crosswalk to deleted CPT Codes
  13. Appendix N:
    Summary of resequenced CPT Codes
  14. Appendix O:
    Multianalyte Assays with Algorithmic Analyses
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