ch 37 vocab

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  1. domus, domi
  2. humus, humi
    ground, earth, soil
  3. iter, itineris
    journey, road
  4. idoneus, idonea, idoneum
    suitable, fit, appropriate
  5. foris
  6. abeo, abire
    abii, abitum
    depart (ab + eo)
  7. adeo, adire
    adii, aditum
    approach (ad + eo)
  8. exeo, exire
    exii, exitum
    exit (ex + eo)
  9. ineo, inire
    inii, initum
    enter (in + eo)
  10. obeo, obire
    obii, obitum
    to go up against, meet, die OBITUARY
  11. pereo, perire
    perii, peritum
    to be destroyed, PERISH
  12. redeo, redire
    redii, reditum
    to go back, return REDDIT
  13. interficio, interficere
    interfeci, interfectum
    to kill, murder
  14. licet, licere, licuit
    license, it is permitted
  15. peregrinor, peregrinari, peregrinatus sum
    to wander
  16. requiesco, requiescere
    requievi, requietum
    to rest, requiescat
  17. soleo, solere, solitus sum
    to become accustomed to
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