Science chapter 1

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  1. what is the smallest unit part of a living thing😊
  2. How are plant and animals cells the same😊
    their cell have a cell membrane
  3. What is the job of a nucleus😊
    it  controls  the cells activities
  4. true or false😊 cells that look the same always do the same job
  5. Why would you need to use a microscope😊
    To study small details of a cell
  6. which kingdom lives on land and absorbs its food from other living  or nonliving things😊
  7. what is the second part of an organisms scientific name😊
  8. liverwort plants are 😊
  9. How do pine trees reproduce😊
    They make seeds, but not have flowers
  10. What would an animal need to have In order for a scientist to classify it as a vertabrate😊
    A backbone
  11. Which animal is an arthropod😊
  12. Which of the following  traits would be hereditary or inherited😊
    A gray fur
  13. an animal knowing to migrate is a behavior it is 😊
    The animal is born knowing
  14. Which behavior would a bear need to learn from its parents😊
    B catching fish😊
  15. What would  a marking on a butterfly that would scare away predators be an. Example of 😊
  16. What is the same about the life cycle of a Burmese Python and a Garden snail😊
    They both lay eggs the young  of both are on their own once they are born
  17. what is different about the Burmese pythons life cycle😊
    The snail leaves the egg while the python stays the egg hatch  the python lives much longer than a snail
  18. Why does a Canada goose migrate😊
    They have an instinct to migrate in order to survive. In winter they migrate to warmer places so they can find food they return north in spring
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