Ankle and Foot

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Ankle and Foot
2013-11-20 12:30:46
Ankle Foot Anatomical

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  1. Gastroc medial and lateral head insertion?
    Posterior surface of the medial femoral condyle
  2. Gastroc Insertion?
    Posterior surface of the calcaneus
  3. Gastroc Actions:
    knee flexion, ankle plantar flexion
  4. Gastroc Strengthening:
    Calf Raises w/ extended knee
  5. Soleus Origin:
    • posterior
    • surface of the proximal fibula and proximal 2/3 of the posterior tibial surface
  6. Soleus Insertion:
    Posterior surface of the calcaneus
  7. Soleus Action:
    Ankle plantar flexion
  8. Soleus Strengthening:
    Calf raises w/ flexed knee
  9. Peroneus Longus Origin:
    Head and upper 2/3 of lateral surface of tibia
  10. Peroneus Longus Insertion?
    undersurfaces of medial cuneiform and first metatarsal bones
  11. Peroneus Longus Action:
    Foot eversion, ankle plantar flexion
  12. Peroneus longus strengthening:
    Foot eversion w/ resistance
  13. Peroneus Brevis Origin:
    Mid to lower 2/3 of lateral surface of fibula
  14. Peroneus Brevis Insertion:
    Tuberosity of 5th metatarsal
  15. Peroneus Brevis Action:
    Foot eversion, ankle plantar flexion
  16. Peroneus Brevis Strengthening:
    Foot eversion w/ resistance or ankle plantar flexion
  17. Peroneus Tertius Origin:
    Distal 1/3 of anterior fibula
  18. Peroneus Tertius Insertion:
    Superior aspect of base of 5th metatarsal
  19. Peroneus Tertius Action:
    Foot eversion, ankle dorsiflexion
  20. Peroneus Tertius Strengthening:
    Resisted dorsiflexion or eversion