Social Studies Louisiana and United States History

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  1. Europeans sailed the globe looking for 5 things
    • 1.  new land
    • 2.  places to sell their goods
    • 3.  new raw materials
    • 4.  they were curious
    • 5.  they had new tools to help them explore
  2. Before Christopher Columbus came to America, who explored the land.
    Vikings and Native Americans
  3. who was the first European to land in the New World during the Age of Exploration?
    Christopher Columbus
  4. What was the sea route Columbus was trying to find?
    To Asia by sailing west from Europe
  5. Where did Columbus first believe they had landed?
  6. How did the first Americans get the name 'Indians'?
    Columbus thought they were in India.
  7. The Big Three European countries who sent the most colonists and had the greatest effect on the "new world"
    Spain, France, England
  8. Did the Big Three get along or fight?
  9. Did the new world look and feel like the old one?
    No it was different
  10. What are two things Europeans came into contact with that were new?
    cultures, people
  11. What three cultures brought change to America?
    Native Americans, Europeans, and African Slaves
  12. What were the two goals of the Spanish
    make money trading and spread the Catholic religion
  13. Spanish culture in America (three things)
    speak Spanish, Mexican food, Spanish style buildings
  14. What were three things that the Spanish taught Native Americans to do in the Spanish Style?
    farm, build homes, build churches
  15. What kind of ranches did the Spaniards have?
    cattle ranches
  16. Who were the first cowboys in the region?
    Native Americans
  17. Two goals of the French
    trade fish and furs, spread Christianity
  18. 3 French cultures in America
    speak French, food, religion
  19. What two places did the French sail into?
    Canada and through the Great Lakes
  20. Who traveled down the Mississippi River and claimed the land for France?
    Robert LaSalle in 1682
  21. Who named Louisiana
  22. What city was one of the largest French settlements in America
    New Orleans
  23. Were the French friendly with the Native Americans or unfair
    The french were friendly to the Native Americans.  They saw the native americans as partners and traded with them
  24. What two cultures are French
    cajun and creole
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