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  1. Hello Everyone and WELCOME.  Here at GP We do things a little differently for Audience Q&A.  Please text your questions in throughout the day to (914) 205-6585
    Also, don't forget to use those smart phones.  Check out the conference website for speaker and agenda information or follow the twitterfeed at #mkmultifamily
  2. Up next we have our morning keynote interview with Michael Stern followed by our Power Developers panel with Harry Macklow, Richard Mack, Steven Witkoff, and Peter Fine
    Here to interview Michael Stern today I would like to Welcome James Nelson
  3. James Nelson is At Massey Knakal Realty Services since 1998 and a partner since 2004, James has been involved in the sale of approximately 250 properties and loans with an aggregate value of over $1.6 billion. He has won numerous awards and been recognized for his well-earned success both inside Massey Knakal, as well as by his peers in the real estate community.
    Thanks Michael and James!  Now we have our power developers panel, if my panelists can start making their way to the stage, for the rest of you, we have a lot of great stuff coming up today
  4. Following this session is our first networking break in the exhibit hall and VIP Speed Networking (you know who you are) in room 206.
    Following that panel we have concurrent sessions.  In the auditorium there will be a panel on emerging areas outside Manhattan and in room 208 will be the panel on debt financing.
  5. Let's take a moment and get to know the crowd a little.  Who here is Manhattan based?  Brooklyn?  Queens? SI? NJ? CT? The Bronx? International?  Great
    Now I'd like to introduce you to Tom Gamino who will bring us into the next panel.
  6. Thanks so much, Gary.  Everyone we are now at a break, if you are a part of Speed Networking move to room 206.  Everyone else Emerging Areas is in here and debt financing is in room 208 following the break
    Welcome back everyone.  this is emerging areas, debt financing is in room 208, speak now or forever hold your piece.  after this session are more concurrent sessions, in here repositioning properties in the other room affordable housing
  7. Now to bring us into this panel, Massey Knakals own Robert Shapiro
    Thank you Ron and panelists.  Now is a quick 2 minute transition, not a networking break, so move fast.  In here repositioning properties in the other room, affordable housing.  Please move quickly.
  8. Hi Everyone, this is repositioning properties.  If you want affordable housing that is track B.  After this session we have lunch followed by the market overview with Bob Knakal.  To welcome our next panel is Massey Knakal's own Paul Smadback
    Thank you so much, robert and panelists.  We will see you back here after lunch for Bob Knakal's market overview
  9. Welcome back from lunch everyone.  Getting excited for Richard Lefraks keynotte this afternoon, but first Bob's market overview.  Immefiately after Bob's session we have concurrent sessions.  The Mack-Cali Roseland acquisition will be in the main auditorium and a condo focused panel will be in room 208
    I would like to welcome to the stage, our conference chairman Bob Knakal.  Mr. Knakal is Chairman and Founding Partner of Massey Knakal Realty Services, a full service property sales firm. He was graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 1984. He started his real estate career at CB Richard Ellis where he met Paul Massey. They both left CB in 1988 to form Massey Knakal. To date, Massey Knakal has closed over 4,500 transactions having a market value in excess of $14 billion. Mr. Knakal has been personally responsible for the sale of more than 1,250 buildings worth over $8.5 billion.
  10. Thanks Bob, now this is a transition, only 2 minutes.  Mac Cali is in here, condos is in room 208, see you back in a second.
    Now we are in for a real treat, an exclusive interview with Carl Goldberg and Mitchell Hersh.  I would like to welcome our session moderator David Simon joined Massey Knakal in 2013 as Executive Managing Director for the New Jersey division. David is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the division. He is also responsible for recruiting, and expanding Massey Knakal’s service lines throughout New Jersey. David has over 25 years of commercial real estate experience and has previously been the Chief Operating Officer for Colliers Houston & Co. and Managing Principal for the New Jersey office of Cassidy Turley. In these roles David was responsible for the operational and financial performance of the company’s three New Jersey offices. David spent the first seventeen years of his career as a salesperson/broker and was a Principal at Newmark Real Estate of New Jersey. David has completed hundreds of transactions on behalf of tenants including; Merrill Lynch, Best Buy and Bed, Bath & Beyond and has represented properties on behalf of institutional and local owners including; Mack-Cali, John Hancock and Chase Manhattan Bank, Atlantic Realty, Kushner Real Estate Group.
  11. Thank you David, Carl, and Mitchell.  Now, while we are waiting for the other audience members, let's take a stretch break.  Everyone stand up, Card swap.
    Now, this is our final panel of the day, cold hard cash: the pwoer investors roundtable.  To bring on this panel, I'd like to introduce George Yerall of Massey Knakal's River Oak fund.
  12. Thank you Ken and panelists.  What a day we have had here today!  GREAT panels, interviews, and netowrking.  If you enjoyed yourself OR if you didn't, please fill out our surveys in your email tomorrow.  We always want to make the conferences bigger and better for you.  Do not miss our commercial real estate summit on April 1st, just around the corner/
    Now is the moment you have all been waiting for, our conference keynote speaker, mr Richard LeFrak.
  13. Richard S. LeFrak is Chairman and CEO of the LeFrak Organization, a privately-held, family-run company based in New York. the LeFrak Organization has more than 100 years of experience in the ownership, development, and management of real property. In 2003, Mr. LeFrak was elected Chairman and CEO. The portifoilo In total, the company owns more than 400 buildings and 40 million square feet of real estate across the U.S.
    Let's welcome to the stage, Richard LeFrak and our interviewer, Massey Knakal's Paul Massey
  14. Thank you everyone, looking forward to seeing you for cocktails in the exhibit hall.
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