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  1. Which nerves supply the upper extremity (brachial plexus)?
  2. What 5 things form brachial plexus?





  3. Which are the 5 rami that innnervate the brachial plexus?
  4. Are the rami superior or inferior to the clavicle bone?
  5. (brachial plexus) Which are the 3 types of trunks ?


  6. (brachial plexus) by which ventral rami is the upper trunk formed by? (2)
    C5 and C6
  7. (brachial plexus) by which ventral rami is the middle trunk formed by?
  8. (brachial plexus) By which ventral rami is the lower trunk formed by? (2)
    C8 and T1
  9. (brachial plexus) Each trunk divides into which 2 divisions?

  10. (brachial plexus) what are the 3 chords that form ?


  11. (brachial plexus) how is the lateral chord formed? (2)
    -anterior division from upper trunk

    -anterior division from middle trunk
  12. (brachial plexus) how is the medial chord formed?
    anterior division of the lower trunk
  13. (brachial plexus) How is the posterior cord formed? (3)
    from the posterior divisions of all 3 trunks
  14. (brachial plexus) Where does the medial cord lie in relation to the axillary artery?
    medial cord lis medial to the artery
  15. (brachial plexus) how does the lateral cord lie in realtion to the artery?
    lateral cord lies lateral to the artery
  16. (brachial plexus) how does the posterior cord lie in relation to the axillary artery?
    posterior cord lies posterior to the artery
  17. (brachial plexus) Which are the 5 largest branch nerves of the brachial plexus?
    -axillary artery

    -radial artery



  18. (brachial plexus) which 2 arteries does the posterior cord form?

  19. (brachial plexus) which 2 arteries does the lateral cord form?

    -lateral side of median nerve
  20. (brachial plexus) which 2 arteries does the medial cord form?

    -medial side of the median
  21. (brachial plexus) where does the axillary nerve go to?
  22. (brachial plexus) where does the radial nerve go to? (2)
    -posterior arm

    -posterior forearm
  23. (brachial plexus) where does the ulnar go to?
    behind the medial epicondyle
  24. (brachial plexus) where does the median go to?
    in the middle of the forearm
  25. (brachial plexus) where does the musculocutaneous go to?
    through coracobrachialis
  26. (brachial plexus) What range of ventral rami innervates the posterior cord?
    • -C5-T1
    • *ALL
  27. (brachial plexus) which muscles does the axillary artery supply? (2)

    -teres minor
  28. (brachial plexus) location of radial nerve
    • -spirals behind the humerus
    • *radial groove
  29. (brachial plexus) which muscles does the radial nerve supply? (2)
    --posterior arm

    -posterior forearm
  30. (brachial plexus) which 3 ventral rami innervate the lateral cord?
  31. (brachial plexus) which muscle group does the musculocutaneous supply?
    anterior muscle of the arm
  32. (brachial plexus) Which muscle groups does the lateral median nerve supply? (3)
    -anterior forearm

    -lateral and deep msucles of the hand
  33. (brachial plexus) which ventral rami innervate the medial cord? (2)
  34. (brachial plexus) which muscles does the medial cord supply? (2)
    -anterior forearm

    -medial muscles of the hand
  35. What an injury to musculocutaneous do? (2)
    -weakened forearm flexion and supination
  36. whay would an injury to radial artery do? (2)
    • -inability to extend the wrist
    • *wrist drop

    -possible inability to extend the forearm
  37. what would an injruy to median artery do? (2)
    -inability to flex the 2nd and 3rd fingers

    -thenar function weakened
  38. what would an injury to ulnar artery do?
    • -loss of hand muscles 
    • *except thenar
  39. which 9 ventral rami innervate the lumbosacral plexus?

  40. what 5 ventral rami form the lumbar plexus?
  41. What muscles does the ventral rami from L1-L5 supply? (2)
    -anterior and medial thigh
  42. L1-L3 ventral rami supply?
    Psoas Major
  43. Femoral nerve L2-L4 supplies? (2)

    -anterior thigh
  44. Obturator L2-L4 supplies?
    medial thigh
  45. In which structure can the femoral nerve be seen?
    femoral triangle
  46. Which trunk forms the sacral plexus? (2)
    -lumbosacral trunk

    -sacral ventral rami
  47. Which ventral rami make up the lumbosacral trunk?
  48. which ventral rami make up the sacral ventral rami?
  49. By which ventral rami is the sciatic nerve formed by? (5)
    • -L4-L5
    • *lumbosacral trunk

  50. where does the formation of the sciatic nerve occur?
    inside the pelvis
  51. What muscles does the sciatic nerve supply?
    -entire lower extremity except for anterior and medial thigh
  52. into which 2 nerves does the sciatic nerve divide in the posterior thigh?

    -common fibular
  53. Which is locatd more medial: tibial or common fibular?
  54. which 2 muscle groups is supplied by the tibial?
    -most of the hammys

    -posterior leg
  55. Behind which structure does the tibial nerve go behind and with which 3 muscles?
    -medial malleous

    • *tibialis posterior
    • *flexor digitorum longus
    • *flexor hallucis
  56. Which two nerves supply the plantar surface of foot?
    lateral and medial plantar nerve
  57. From which nerve does the lateral and medial plantar nerve arise from?
    tibial nerve
  58. Around which structure does the common fibular nerve go around?
    head of the fibula
  59. into which 2 nerves does the common fibular convert into?
    -superficial and

  60. which muscle group does the superficial fibular nerve supply?
    lateral compartment of the leg
  61. which 2 muscle groups does the deep fibular nerve supply? (2)
    -anterior compartment of the leg

    -dorsum of the foot
  62. (sacral plexus) superior gluteal supplies which msucles? (3)
    -gluteus medius and minimus

    -tensor fascia latae
  63. (sacral plexus) inferior gluteal nerve supplies which muscle?
    gluteus maximus
  64. (sacral plexus) pudendal nerve supplies what?
    • -the muscles and skin of the perineum
    • *area between thighs from coccyx to pubis
  65. (sacral plexus) which ventral rami innervate the lateral rotators of the thigh? (3)

  66. Injury to femoral nerve leads to
    loss of strong leg extension
  67. injury to obturator nerve...
    loss of adduction of the thigh
  68. injury to tibial nerve (3)
    -loss of strong plantar flexion

    -weak inversion of the foot

    -decreased extension of the thigh
  69. injury to superficial fibular?
    loss of eversion
  70. injury to deep fibular? (2)
    -loss of dorsiflexion

    -weak inversion of the foot
  71. What is a herniated disc?
    -rupture of the annulus fibrosus that allows the protusion of the nuclues pulposes
  72. what does the nucleus pulposes do when it herniated out?
    pushes the nerve root that is exiting from the cord
  73. where are herniated discs common in?
    • lumbar region
    • *sciatica
  74. Do all of peripheral nerves carry both motor and sensory info?
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