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  1. Class of fires
    • A- wood= water
    • B- flammable liquid = foam dry chem
    • C- electrical = co2 or dry chem
    • D- combustable meatel = dry chem
  2. What are heat strips in bkrs for
    Remove moisture
  3. What does cc stand for
    Closing circuit
  4. Where are ct's located
    Mostly on bottom of bushishing to measure current
  5. Galvanometor measures?
    Dc current from low voltage test set
  6. How many conductors does a clamp on ammeter measure?
    One at a time
  7. On a transformer if current is higher is on the secondary side?
    It is lower on the primary
  8. A center punch is used?
    To start a hole
  9. Who holds a work permit for contractors?
    E.I work with contractor. Operators inspect the work b4 they sign off the work permit
  10. Rectifiers convert?
    AC to DC
  11. A float is a?
    Trickle charge
  12. An equalizer is a?
    High charge to bring up battery volts
  13. A load tap changer can
    Be changed under load
  14. A no load tap change must?
    Be de-energised to change taps
  15. Extinguish the arch at
    Current zero  (AC hits current zero twice per cycle)
  16. Red light signifys?
    Bkr trip coil energized
  17. Green light signify?
    Bkr closing coil is energised
  18. Amber light signify?
    Air or gas psi is present
  19. Whit light signify
  20. Red pipe (now orange)
    Hight psi
  21. Green pipe
    Low psi
  22. Yellow pipe
  23. Normal psi on FDR
    200 psi
  24. Dc used for
    Control, indications, alarms, relays
  25. Ac used for
    Light and power
  26. Check sensitive button on the test stick
    Before you touch conductors
  27. You connect and ammeter in
  28. You connect a volt meter in
    Paralle (across the motor)
  29. A wattmeter measures
  30. What measures ohms, voltage and current?
  31. A megaohm meter measures
    High resistance like insulators inside a transformer
  32. A micro-ohmmeter measures
    Minute resistance( like the kind between electrical contacts ) you can use a fluke or Simpson 260
  33. What is atmospheric pressure
  34. What measures vacuum and psi
    A compund gauge
  35. Hammer used to shape metel is
    A ball peen hammer
  36. R1
    Starts fire pump ,gives fire alarm and opens the clapper
  37. R2
    Thernostat supervisory loop (normally energized)
  38. R3
    Monitors clapper, gives alarm (normally energized)
  39. 69 relay
    Permissive control switch/ mechanical switch
  40. 86 relay
    Lockout relay
  41. 63 relay
    Air or gas psi
  42. Inverter
    Changes DC to AC for phone and walkie talkie
  43. A ct must be stored
    Shorted it will energise itself or pick up a charge from ambient electric
  44. To test fluid in a battery
    Use a hydrometer (never use a hydrometer in a diesel it is nickel-clad and will explode)
  45. Substation ppe
    Hard hat, safety shoes, fire retardant covralls, face shield (goggles) earplugs, gloves, rubber gloves, and gauntlets
  46. When first checking rubber gloves?
    Check voltage rating and date
  47. Batteries in series?
    Amps stay the same and volt increase
  48. Batteries in parallel?
    Volts remain the same and amps increase
  49. When an LOR (lock out relay) trips what do you look for
  50. When working on a pothead you must
    Reduce psi and de-enerdize FDR usually for retorking pots
  51. When doing pothead inspection look for
    • Ruptured disc
    • Oil leak
    • Broken porcelain
    • Barksdale switch
  52. Box end wrench has how many teeth
    6 to 16 teeth. The fewer the teeth the strong the werench
  53. Distance relay is
    Fault protection for feeders by zone
  54. Audio tone is a form of
    Transfer trip
  55. Who wears the white hard hat in an emergency
    The highest operating authority
  56. What regulates pressure in a pump house
    Relief ladder
  57. The relief valve is to insure
    The system does not overload
  58. Celsius to Fahrenheit
    1.8 x Celsius + 32
  59. Fahrenheit to Celsius
    Fahrenheit - 32/1.8
  60. Step down transformer primary side has 10,000 windings secondary has 1,000 what is the ratio
    Ten to one
  61. Step down trans. Primary voltage 24 volts secondary 4 volts so its a?
    Six to one voltage difference
  62. High speed ground switch operates in
    3 to 5 cycles
  63. Where would an inspection of a throw over, clapper, tampper switch be?
    The muffler room (deluge), mulsyfier room
  64. Who resets the clapper?
  65. What gas is in the mini Bus?
    Sf6 gas
  66. What is the insulation in a wetinghouse 138 (ocb) bushing
  67. Wavetrap takes teansfer trip single off?
    Transmission line
  68. White powder on sf6 mini bus is
    Metallic fluoride
  69. The gas given off by batteries
  70. If u get sulfuric acid in your eyes
    Use eye wash to get it out
  71. Casp bkr opens by
    Spring open air closed, air dielectic
  72. Another name for polla is
    Pollack bushings
  73. Dunwoodie is What kind of station
    Bulk power has transmition and distribution
  74. Tap changer used for means of
    Volted regulation
  75. P.P.M
    Parts per million reading for air gas and oil samles
  76. IATC
    Individual action tracing current. Used to identify pases 1 beat posative A, 2 beats pos B, and return neg C
  77. C.A.T.C
    continuios action tracing current. Test to see if fdr has blown clear
  78. Diesel gen is used for
    Back up power upon loss of normal AC supply
  79. Pyrotronics
    Fire zone indication unit
  80. Network protector
    Closes and openes when needed
  81. 12kw =
    12,000 watts
  82. Nitro is used to
    Keep moisture out of oil
  83. Ac load board
    Main supply for station light and power
  84. Dc load board
    Used for controls indications alarms and relays
  85. Voltage reduction
    Yellow 3%(obsolete) blue 5% and red 8%
  86. Station total load =
    Total mega watts
  87. Series reactor
    Limits fault current
  88. Shunt reactor
    Used for voltage control.... Dummy load....opposite of capacitors
  89. It is a fact that all devises in a paralle circuit operate at the
    Same voltage
  90. The total current in a parallel circuit =
    The sum of The currents in the devices
  91. MVARS
    Wasted power
  92. Con Edison load peaks in the summer is about?
    12,000 MW
  93. the function of a transmission station is
    To transmit power over long distance
  94. The function of a distribution station is
    To maintain uninterrupted service to the customer in the most cost effective way
  95. the role of a sub transmission station is to
    transmit power from transmission station to distribution station
  96. A transmission station steps power from?
    transmission voltageg to sub-transmission voltage
  97. An area station steps power down from
    sub transmission votage to primary distribution voltage
  98. the interface from overhead and underground systems is at?
    Dunwoodie and sprain brook
  99. the whole eastern interconnection has the total electric load of?
    About 300,000 Mw
  100. Generating units throughout the inteconnection responds to immediately to the temporary shortage of energy by?
    increasing there output
  101. if mw exceeds mw demand?
    frequency rises and vice versa
  102. the normail frequency of electric supply throughout the united states is?
  103. the frequancy of a power system must be maintained at a very narrow band between?
    59.95Hz and 60.05 Hz
  104. if at any time the utility system does not have enough energy to meet its load?
    Energy will be sucked in from the neighboring system
  105. cooling plant is used for?
    dissipating heat from oil FDR's
  106. What is a beackfeed sensing device?
    When the G&T is closed and the CT,s reed .75 milliamps it will prevent the G&T from closing in on a live source
  107. Work is = to
    Force * distance
  108. What should you never use ase a form of light when checking the elecrolyte level?
    A match. Hydrogen and oxygen mixed together are highly volatile. the area used for redharging must be well ventilated
  109. Can you disconnect leads to a battery while it is charging?
    No. , the spark the occurs at the terminals may ignite and cause an explosion.(the negative lead should  be connected to the frame instead of the terinal)
  110. how are batteries rated?
    in voltage and amp hours capacity
  111. data for use in carging a battery is found on its?
  112. The instument used to detemine specific gravity is the
  113. Should you charge a battery to definite specific gravity?
    No, maintain the charge until the same specific gravity reading is indicated at three successive half-hour intervals.
  114. at 68 degrees F, the resistance of a mil-foot copper wire is approximately
    10.4 ohms
  115. CSA formulas (cross-sectional area)
    • 1/100 incs=0.010
    • 0.010inch= 10mils
    • (10)2=circular mils
  116. the resistance of a copper condutor is inversely proportional to?
    The cross-sectional area
  117. A conductor has a resistance of 6 ohms. A conductor of the same materal and length but twice the CSA will have a resistance of
    3 ohms
  118. A conductor has the resistance of 10 ohms. A conductor with the same material but twice the diameter will have reseistance of
    2.5 ohms
  119. A conductor  has 12 homs. A second conductor with the same material and cross-section are is 4 times as long, and has a resistance of
    48 homs
  120. The csa wire is measures in
    circular mills
  121. By mathmaatically squaring the number of mills in the diameter of a wire, the result is?
    the cross-sectional area
  122. the number of seperate conductors in a raceway or cable is a major factor in determining ?
    the current-carrying capacity of the conductor
  123. the greatest portion of the total circuit resistance is determined by?
    the type of circuit arrangement and the load resistance
  124. the kind of insulation on a conductor partially determines the condutors?
    current carrying capacity
  125. the resistance of an aluminum wire is directly proportional to?
    the temp of the wire
  126. name 5 factors the determine the total resistance of a circuit?
    • A. # & type of devices
    • B. The type of circuit arraement of the devices
    • C. Resistance of switching and control devices
    • D. Resistance of conductors carrying power to the devices from source
    • E. internal resistance of voltge source
  127. Name 4 factors which affect the restance of a conductor?
    • A.Type of material
    • B.Length of material
    • C.CSA of the conductor
    • D.Temp. of the conductor
  128. for a small line-voltage drop the resistance of line conductors should be?
    A small pecentage of the total circuit resistance
  129. When a permitted percentage of line voltage of line drop specified in a problem the value is computed from?
    the source voltage
  130. the voltage that is applied to a load is = to the?
    Source votage minus the line voltage drop
  131. line voltage drop is inversaly proportional to the?
    cross-sectional area of the conductor
  132. The 2 important general factors that must be considered when selectiong conductors are?
    Permissible voltage drop and cost
  133. Electrical psi is measured in
  134. Electrical current is measured in
  135. The symbol for resistance is
    a greek letter  (ohms)
  136. An electrical current is the movement of
  137. the symbol for source voltage is the letter
  138. Resistance is measured in
  139. The symbol for current is the letter
  140. Electrical power is measured in
  141. The symbol for electrical power is the letter
  142. Electrical energy is measured in?
  143. the resistance of a conductor varies directly with its?
  144. the cross-section area of a wire is usually expressen id
    circular mils
  145. the resistance of a wire varies inversely with?
    Its cross-section area
  146. the most frequently used conductor of electricity is?
  147. in wire size tables, the diameter of a wire is expressed in
  148. A wattmeter is used to measure
    Electrical power
  149. Electrical resistance is measures with an instrument known as an
  150. Higher voltage is obtained by connection batteries in?
  151. in charging a  battery it should be kept on charge until?
    there is no further increase in specific gravity
  152. in charging a battery it should?
    be kept on charge
  153. to operate properly, electrcal devices parallel circuit must have the?
    same rating with respect to voltage
  154. to operate properly, electrical devices connected in series circuit must have the?
    same rating with respect to current
  155. the major part of the resistance in a correctly wired electrical circuit is usually found?
    in the devices in a circuit
  156. the simplest method of generating electromotive force is by?
    turning a single loop of wire between 2 magnetic field poles
  157. one cylce of alternating current is defined as that current that?
    increases from 0 to a positive maximum returns to 0 then increases to a negative max and returns to 0 again
  158. F=
    frequency in hertz
  159. N=
    speed in r/mins
  160. P=
    number of poles
  161. the effective value if alternating current is that value which produces?
    the same amount of heat as the same value of direct current
  162. on the fire protection panel, the only light that is normally on is the?
    power light(green)
  163. on voltage reduction panel, under normal conditions what lights are on?
  164. Transformers are AC or DC?
    AC only
  165. Phase angle regulators control the?
    the direction of flow
  166. the part of the transformer most sensitve to heat is the?
    copper windings
  167. we use sphere gaps to protect us while performing all?
    low-voltage tests
  168. contact-making voltmerer controls?
    the tap changer
  169. ct do not have?
    primary and secondary windings
  170. dielectric strength determines how?
    dielectric medium can withstand voltage
  171. how many heaters are on the high psi sf6 tank?
  172. when you have a series parallel circuit you must?
    convert the parallel to a series device and then continue to your series formulas
  173. ACB?
    Air circuit bkr
  174. CS?
    closing switch
  175. DS?
    disconnect switch
  176. FU
  177. HTR
  178. LS
    limit switch
  179. MO
  180. MOD
    Motor operated disconnect
  181. OCB
    Oil circuit bkr
  182. PB
    Push button
  183. TDO
    time delay open
  184. TDC
    time delay close
  185. TC
    Trip coil
  186. X & Y?
    Auxiliary relays
  187. R?
    Raising relay
  188. L
    Lowering relay
  189. 30 relay
    Auxliliary relay
  190. 27 relay
    undervoltage relay
  191. 50 relay
    over-current relay
  192. 52
    circuit bkr
  193. 62
    timer delay
  194. name 5 different types of protective relay elements
    • a. plunger
    • b.clap
    • c.induction disc
    • d. induction cup
    • e. solid state
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