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  1. What is a synthesis reaction?
    • A + B -> AB
    • A chemical reaction that joins smaller atoms, ions, or molecules in a larger ones.
    • Synthesis: To put together.
    • All of the synthesis reactions that occur in the body are collectively referred to as anabolism.
    • Anabolic reactions are usually endergonic.
  2. What is a decomposition reaction?
    • AB -> A, B
    • A chemical reaction that breaks down larger molecules into smaller molecules, ions, and atoms
    • All of the decomposition reactions that occur in the body are collectively referred to as catabolism.
    • Decomposition reactions are usually exergonic.
  3. What are exchange reactions? (replacement reactions)
    • AB, CD -> AD, CB
    • Multiple molecules breakdown and parts of each or switched to create multiple new molecules. Groups exchanging members.
    • Exchange reactions are a combination of decomposition and synthesis reactions.
  4. What are reversible reactions?
    • AB <--> A, B
    • Chemical reactions that can be reversed.
    • You are able to turn the products back into the reactants.
    • Special conditions are required for some reversible reactions, such as water added or heat applied.
    • Enzymes (catalysts) are often needed to guide reversible reactions.
  5. What does oxidation refer to?
    • The gain of electrons, as well as negative charges.
    • An oxidized substance releases energy.
  6. What does reduction refer to?
    • The loss of electrons, as well as positive charges.
    • A reduced substance gains energy
  7. What is a oxidation-reduction reaction?
    • A chemical reaction that deals with the loss and gain of electrons.
    • When a substance oxidizes (oxidation) it looses electrons and releases energy, another substance will reduce (reduction) and gain electrons as well as energy.
    • Oxidation-reduction reactions are always parallel, when a substance is oxidized, another is always reduced.
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