Side & Modifiers

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  1. S/SW (circled)
    1 order of sweet peppers in a side cup/ side sweet
  2. S/HOT (circled)
    1 order of hot peppers in a side cup/ side hot
  3. S/GR (circled)
    Natural gravy in a side cup/ side gravy
  4. S/MB (circled)
    Extra meatball (all side orders are circled)/ side meatball
  5. B X/SW
    Beef with extra sweet peppers/ beef extra sweet
  6. B X/Hot
    Beef with exta hot peppers/ beef exta hot
  7. B N/P Dry
    Beef dry, no peppers/ beef minus dry
  8. B N/P Dipp
    Beef dipped in gravy, no peppers (crossants can also be dipped, but we dont suggest it)/ Beef minus dipped
  9. B N/P X/GR
    Beef with extra gravy splashed on, no peppers/ beef minus extra gravy
  10. B N/P 1/2
    Beef cut in half, no peppers/ beef minus cut in half
  11. B N/P + Hot Oil
    Beef with oil from hot peppers, no peppers/ beef minus plus Hot Oil
  12. B N/P + Ched
    Beef plus cheddar cheese, no peppers/ beef minus plus ched
  13. B N/P + Am
    Beef with American Cheese, no peppers/ beef minus plus American
  14. B N/P + Mozz
    Beef with Mozzarella Cheese, no peppers/ Beef minus plus Mozz
  15. B N/P + Red
    Beef with red sauce, no peppers/beef minus plus red
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sides and modifiers of sandwiches
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