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  1. What type of learner would a student be if he/she has been diagnosed with a form of autism, learning disability and gifted?
    Exceptional Learners
  2. If a student has a speech or language impairment what type of services will this student receive?
  3. A gifted and talented learner is exposed to a broader curriculum that in a regular classroom is using what type of educational program?
  4. What is called educator's practice of using a variety of instructional strategies to address the different learning needs of their students?
  5. In the Main Provisions of NCLB, what means "Accountability for Results"?
    Annualstate and school district report cards, inform parentas and cummunities about state and school progress. Schools that are not making progress must provide suplemental services, take corrective actions and if not 5 years the school have an adequate yearly progress after 5 years, make dramatic changes to the way the scool is run.
  6. In the Main Provisions of NCLB, what means more freedom for states and comunities?
    States and school distrits have unprecedented flexibility in how they use federal education. They can used for particular needs, such as hiring new teachers, increasing teacher pay, and improvingteacher training and professional development.
  7. In the Main Provisions of NCLB, what means "Proven Education Methods"?
    NCLB puts emphasis on determing which educational programs and practices have been proven effective through rigorous scientific research.To improve student learning and acheivement.
  8. In the Main Provisions of NCLB, what means "More choices for parents."?
    Parents may transfer theri children to a better performing public school within their district.including transportation
  9. How are charter school different from public schools?
    The charter school typically exempts the school from selected rules and regulations that apply to regular public school.
  10. In the statistics reason why parents homeschooled their children. Which is the most important?.
    Concern about environment of other schools 31%
  11. What do research say in 1989 about seventh and eighth graders.  What model does
    the textbook mention performed better in all areas of achievement and psychological?
    In the model K-8.
  12. Know the items (subtitles in bold) listed under
    “Creating a school climate that promotes safety and connections.”
    • a)    Assessing the school’s Emotional climate
    • b)   Creating Connections between Adults and Students.
    • c)    Breaking the Code of Silence
    • d)   InvolvingEveryone
  13. Assessing the school’s Emotional climate, can be:
    • Is there a culture of respect?
    • Are student's emotional needs being met?
    • Is everu day teasing and bullying dealt with inmediatly?
  14. Creating Connections between Adults and Students
    • Do students have a positive relationships with at least one adult?
    • Does each student feel there is an adult she or he can talk to about problems and concerns?
  15. (Climate promoting safety and connectedness) Breaking the Code of Silence
    • In many schools, students believe that revealing another student's pain or problems breaks a special peer code. This belief often forces troubled students to go it alone.
    • In a safe school climate, students are willing to break the code of silence to get help for a peer.
  16. Creating a school climate: Involving
    Are all the members of the school community involved in creating policy and practices that help each member respond to stressful and potentially harmful events?
  17. Which court case upheld a school administration’s
    decision to censor materials in a student-edited newspaper that raised
    sensitive issues that might be considered an invasion of another student’s
    The case of the Hazelwood District v. Kuhlmeir
  18. What is Digital NAtive?
    People who have grown up using the digital language of computers, video, games, and the internet
  19. What is video conferencing?
    Collaborating globally, with real time audio and video
  20. What is model?
    A representation of a system or an object, such as a small physical structure or a computer program that parallels the working of a larger system.
  21. What is a virtual school?
    An institution that exists in cyberspace, teaching all of its classes online
  22. What is a blogs?
    • Short for weblog. Is a online journals on which a writer post frequent observations and others
    • respond with their own comments
  23. What is Outsourcing?
    Determining who in the world can best do that work at the appropiate level of quality and the lowest possible cost.
  24. What is metacognition?
    The understanding of your own thinking and learning processes.
  25. What does it mean when most of the work has gone horizontal?
    Corporate businesses no longer have varying levels of things done only by the company, analyst find the best and outsource for cost effectiveness
  26. What is flat?
    No varying levels of specified task in corporation structure calls for outsourcing of any job that cant be done "in house".
  27. What is globalization?
    Independence in economic, cultural, social and technological spheres.
  28. What is classroom community?
    A sense of common purpose and values shared by the teacher and students in a classroom, so that they see themselves as working together in the process of learning
  29. What is Meredith’s most important successful classroom management Experience?
    Her experience she had was from her mother, she and her mother discuss each policy and why it makes sense for their learning environment.
  30. According to the author of the text, what is the most important aspect?Developing classroom rules, procedures, and routines?
    The important aspect is collaboration between students and teachers.
  31. Know the principles of Responsive Classroom models of specific teaching Strategies.
    • Guided discovery
    • Morning Meeting
    • Academic choice
    • work collaboratively
  32. What is service learning?
    A teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.
  33. What is sexual harassment?
    Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other physical and expressive behavior of a sexual nature that interferes with a person’s life.
  34. What proportion of American school children report being bullied at least one time
    per week?
    Half of the american schools children
  35. What is the percentage of Students, ages 12 to 18, who reported bullying problems at
    school during the previous six Months?
    • Made fun of, called names or insulted 18.75%
    • Subject rumors 14.75%
    • Pushed, shoved, tripped, spit on 9%
    • Threatened with harm 5%
    • Excluded from activities on purpose 4.75%
    • Tried to make do things did not want to do 3.75%
    • Property destroyed on purpose 3.5%
  36. List some positive results about anti-bullying programs.
    Students do not reveal they are being bullied. Number of female bullies and victims are on the rise leads to depression, eating disorders
  37. What about the story of Katy Ridnouer?
    • Is a story of hope and resolve, she went back to the middle school classrooms because she sense she was not meeting a personal
    • success
  38. What is participant-observer?
    Is when you participate in classroom life and study and observe the classroom enviroment
  39. What is certification?
    The process of obtaining state authorization to teach in the public schools
  40. What are the three kinds of Praxis Series?
    • -The praxis I test measure basic academicskills in reading, mathematics and writing.
    • - The praxis II test measures knowledge about specific subject areas and about principles of learning and teaching
    • -The praxis III assessment focuses on actual classroom performance.
  41. What does INTASC stand for and what is it?
    The INTASC represent a combined afford by numerous state education agencies and national educational organizations to reform the preparation, licensing, and professional development of teachers.
  42. What are the requirements to become a National Board Certified Teacher?
    • hold a bachelor’s degree
    • have three full years of teaching/counseling experience
    • possess a valid state teaching or counseling license for that period time.
  43. What is International Baccalaureate?
    Is an international credential that is offered at some schools
  44. Compare and contrast AFT and NEA
    Both are websites. Provide information on professional development. Negotiate contracts and collect bargaining. NEA is a larger program
  45. What are the recommendations for preparing one’s teaching portfolio?
    • Include a table of contents
    • easy accessible online
    • begin with a short essay introducingyourself.
    • describe your educational philosophy discuss 
    • your classroom management theory
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