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  1. tabula rasa
    a blank page with the idea that all people are born into the world blank or innocent
  2. public opinion
    an increasing powerful social force due to the printing press which circulated everywhere in Erope
  3. philosphes
    The writers and critics who flourished in the expanding print culture and who took the lead in forging the new attitude favorable to change
  4. Candide
    a novel written by voltaire that displayed a more optimistic view of life and nature.
  5. Baruch Spinoza
    Spinoza set the example for a secularized version of judaism
  6. Moses mendelsohn
    established the main outlines of an assimilationists position.
  7. Lady mary wortley montagu
    wrote a series of letters about her experience in Islam. A positive commentator on eighteenth century islam.
  8. The Encyclopedia
    One of the greates monuments of the enlightment and its most monumental undertaking in the realm of print culture.
  9. Denis Diderot
    A leader in the Encyclopedia nad rpoduced the first volume
  10. Marquis Cesare Beccaria
    published on crimes and punishments in which he applied critical analysis to the problem of making punishments bot effective and just
  11. physiocrats
    people in france hat sought to impose mercantilist legislation and regulation of labor by governments and guilds actually hampered the expansion of trade, manufacture, and agriculture.
  12. The Wealth of Nations
    Written by Adam smith believed that economic liberty was the foundation of a natural economic system.  laissez faire. wanted mercantilism to be abolished.
  13. Spirit of Laws
    Written by Montesque held up the example of the British constitution as the wisest model for reglating the power of the government .proper government depended on multiple variables such as location, ethnicity, etc.
  14. Immanuel Kant
    one of the few enlightened voices that criticized the European empires  on moral grounds especially the conquest of the Americas.
  15. Mary Wollstoncraft
    wrote A vinidication of the rights of women whch brought roussoea before the judgment of the rational enlightenment .
  16. marquise de popadour
  17. rococo
    an art style that embraced lavish, often light hearted decoration with an emphasis of pascel colrs.
  18. neoclassicism
    an art form that returned themes of topics, styles drawn from antiquity itself from hte renaissance
  19. Fredrick the Great
    embodied enlightmen absolutism. forge a powerful state.
  20. joseph II
    Austrian embodied rational impersonal force as did the emperor joseph II of Austria . He was the son of Maria Theresa and co ruler with her.
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