MIS Supporting Processes with ERP Systems

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  1. ABAP
    SAP's high-level application language that is used to enhance the functionality of an SAP implementation. It is frequently used to format that data in reports.
  2. Analysts
    Employees with specialized training or education that enables them to support, maintain, and adapt the information systems after they are implemented.
  3. Bill of materials (BOM)
    A structure or description that specifies the raw materials, quantities, and subassemblies to create a product.
  4. Configuration
    The process of adapting ERP software to conform to customer requirements without changing program code.
  5. Enterprise application integration (EAI)
    The integration of existing systems by providing layers of software that connect applications and their data together.
  6. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
    A suite of software, a database, and a set of inherent processes for consolidating business operations into a single, consistent, information system.
  7. Epicor
    A company primarily known for its retail-oriented ERP software, although it is broadening its penetration in other industry segments.
  8. Industry-specific platform
    An ERP system configuration that is appropriate for a particular industry, such as retail, manufacturing, or health care.
  9. Infor
    A company that pursued an acquisition strategy to consolidate many product offerings under one sales and marketing organization.
  10. Inherent processes
    Process designs included in an ERP product that may be implemented by the organization
  11. Just in time (JIT)
    A delivery method that synchronizes manufacturing and supply so that materials arrive just as the manufacturing process requires them.
  12. Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II)
    A manufacturing information system that schedules equipment and facilities and provides financial tracking of activities.
  13. Material requirements planning (MRP)
    Software used to efficiently manage inventory, production, and labor.
  14. Microsoft Dynamics
    A suite of ERP products licensed by Microsoft. The suite is composed of four ERP products, all obtained via acquisition: AX, Nav, GP, and SL. AX and Nav have the most capability, GP is smaller and easier to use.
  15. Modules
    A suite of similar applications in an ERP system; ex manufacturing and finance.
  16. NetWeaver
    The SAP application platform that connects SAP to hardware, third-party software, and output devices. Provides an SOA interface that eases the integration of SAP with non-SAP applications.
  17. Process blueprint
    In an ERP application, a comprehensive set of inherent processes for all organizational activities, each of which is documented with diagrams that use a set of standardized symbols.
  18. R/3
    One of the most known versions of SAP. It was the first truly integrated system that was able to support most organization's major operational processes.
  19. SAP AG
    World's most successful ERP vendor. The third largest software company in the world. Business in selling licenses for its SAP software solutions and related services.In addition, it offers consulting, training, and other services for its software solutions.
  20. SAP Business Suite
    The new name for SAP's integrates software platform.
  21. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
    A federal law requiring companies to exercise greater control over their financial processes.
  22. Train the trainer
    Training sessions in which vendors train the organization's employees to become in-house trainers in order to improve training quality and reduce training expenses.
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