SOCIO221 ch 7: status, race, ethnicity, minority, prejudice, discrimination, split-labor, stereotype

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  1. Status refers to...
    a socially defined position in a group or society
  2. Ascribed status refers to...
    a quality that you are born with
  3. examples of ascribed status
    • race
    • sex
  4. Achieved status refers to...
    a quality that you achieve after birth
  5. examples of achieved status
    • education
    • occupation
  6. Master status refers to...
    a status that is what is most important to a person
  7. ______ status varies from one person to another, because it is a status that is most important to that person
  8. Race refers to...
    a group of people who are believed to be a biological group sharing genetically transmitted traits that are defined as important
  9. Every racial group can be divided into ethnic groups based on (1)___________, (2)________, (3)______ ___________, (4)_______, (5)________, etc.
    • 1. nationality
    • 2. language
    • 3. tribal affiliation
    • 4. culture
    • 5. religion
  10. examples of race
    • White people
    • Black people
    • Asian people
    • American Indian and Alaskan native people
    • Pacific Islander and Hawaiian Native people
    • Some Other Race category
  11. Ethnic group refers to...
    a group of people who share a common historical and cultural heritage and sense of group identity and belongingness
  12. Ethnic groups are based on (1)_______, (2)__________, (3)________, (4)______ ___________, (5)________, etc.
    • 1. culture
    • 2. nationality
    • 3. languge
    • 4. tribal affiliation
    • 5. religion
  13. examples of ethnic groups
    • Latino people
    • Jewish people
    • Gullah people
    • Geechee people
  14. Race is based on...
  15. Race and ethnic groups not (1)_______________ and is (2)________ in Sociology.
    • 1. interchangeable
    • 2. separate
  16. Minority group refers to...
    a group which has been singled out for differential an unequal treatment
  17. Minority group does not refer to...
    numerical size, but to a group's position in the stratification system
  18. examples of minority groups
    White women before the 1960s
  19. Racism refers to...
    an ideology which holds that certain racial or ethnic groups are biologically inferior and that practices involving their denomination and exploitation are therefore justified
  20. examples of racism
  21. Prejudice refers to...
    an irrational attitude toward certain people based solely on their membership in a particular group
  22. example of prejudice
    a person has a negative attitude towards another person because the other person belongs to a certain racial or ethnic group
  23. Prejudice is based on what a person ________
  24. Discrimination refers to...
    behavior in the form of unequal treatment of a people because they are a member of a particular group
  25. example of discrimination
    person treats a person in a negative way because the other person belongs to a certain racial or ethnic group
  26. Institutional discrimination also refers to the systematic exclusion of...
    people from equal participation in a particular institution because of their group membership
  27. examples of institutional discrimination
    • when a country goes to war against another, the victor takes the resources from the losing country
    • then the country sells the product back; however it is not affordable

    workers build a product; however, do not make enough money to buy the product they are making
  28. Split Labor Market refers to...
    a social condition wherein there are two groups of workers willing to do the same work, but for different wages
  29. In split labor market, lower-priced laborers have...
    a competitive advantage because employers prefer to hire them
  30. example of split labor market
    foreign workers were brought into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
  31. Stereotypes refers to...
    inflexible images of the members of a particular group that is held without regard to whether it is true
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