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  1. what 3 things does truth in testing law require?
    -disclosure of all validity studies

    -disclosure about what scores mean and how calculated

    -if requested by student, provide copy of test questions, correct answers, and the students answers
  2. what was no child left behind made under the asusmption for?
    it would improve school performance bc of accountability
  3. Which case was the grandaddy of the desegregation tests?
    Plessy vs Ferguson
  4. what was the issue in PLessy vs FErguson?
    • whether races could be integrated on trains
    • *it became too expensive for railroads
  5. what was the conclusion for Plessy vs Ferguson?
    • separate but equal
    • *segregation can occur as long as they are given facilities
  6. What was the conclusion of Brown vs Board of education of Topeka?
    -supreme court outlawed segregation and opened the door for bussing to integrate schools
  7. Who challenged the separate but equal doctrine?
    Justice Thurgood Marshall
  8. What was the reason that SAvannah's schools didnt want to integrate?
    they felt that blacks were intellectually inferior therefore they would be affected by being in a classroom full of whites that were smarter
  9. what was the conclusion of Hobson vs Hansen?
    courts decided that unequal distribution of children by tracks in school system did not constitute denial of equal protection
  10. Larry P Vs Wilson Riles) Why was Riles sued?
    children were being placed in EMR classes by their IQ scores
  11. Larry P Vs Wilson Riles) what did Judge Peckham decide for the conclusion of this battle?
    rules for permanent discontinuance of the use of IQ tests to place A-A children in EMR classes
  12. Larry P Vs Wilson Riles) What did Judge John Grady decide on the california decision regarding not testing blacks?
    that only some items on the major tests were inappropriate but it wasnt a substantial amount to invalidate tests
  13. Larry P Vs Wilson Riles) what did Judge John grady say was the issue?
    poverty that disadvantage the kids not race
  14. Larry P Vs Wilson Riles) what did judge john grady say regarding the use of nonstandard english in the test?
    that was not the issue becuase the items are supposed to be scored on whether the substance of the answer is correct
  15. In 1986, a judge in california banned..
    • the use of IQ tests for black children in cali for any purpose other than placing them in gifted programs
    • *the test were permitted for all the other races though
  16. U of cali vs Bakke) what was the conclusion?
    -Bakke had to be admitted but also said race could be taken into account in admissions selections
  17. What was proposition 209 tht was passed by california?
    made affirmative action illegal by a fairly large margin
  18. WHat was the conclusion of the battle between insurance company and Illinois department of insurance?
    ETS agreed to eliminate items on the test where there is more than 15% difference between blacks and whites
  19. Is there evidence that affirmative action programs can undermine somebody's confidence?
    yes, they may feel as if they did not receive the job or position outright `
  20. What did the civil rights act that was passed in 1991 by democratic congress require?
    employers to prove that their selection practices were unbiased
  21. What did Americans with Disabilities Act focus on?
    the removal of physical barriers to employment and education for the disabled
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