Disease Unit 3

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  1. Hep A
    Nonenveloped, picornaviridae, Gama globulin
  2. HEP B
    Icosahedral incomple ds DNA. Acut and Chronic-cirrhosis, liver cancer increases. Long incubation (45-180 days)
  3. Herpes
    Genitalia, oral. Genital and oral. VESICLES/Ulcers. Emperor banned it, shakespeare talked about it, 90% of adults have it.
  4. Mono
    Epstein barr. Enveloped ds DNA and member of herpes family. 95% of people have it at 40. Ruptures your spleen, not very contagious. 15-25 year olds.
  5. RABIES!!!!shiftOnE!1
    bats dogs and mammals. DOES NOT AFFECT RATS SQUIRRELS AND RABBITS. 99% mortality rate when it reaches your brain. HRIG (rabies immunoglobulin). Can get it from a transplant.
  6. West Nile fever
    Flavivirus. Found in burds yo! 1% get meningitis or encephalitis. Affects males more. Stiff necks, coma, tremors, paralysis.
  7. Yellow Fevah!
    Flavivirus. Humans and Primates! Backache, black vomit and gum and nose bleeding. you get vaccinated if you go to south america or africa.
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