Horticulture Test 3

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  1. What plant can be propagated by leaf petiole cuttings?
    • African violet
    • pepperonia
  2. What is the wavelength of far red light?
    730 detometers
  3. What type of seed has embryo dormancy?
    cedar elm
  4. If you treat a seed with petrizolium, what color will living tissue stain?
  5. If you treat a seed with KNO3, what color will living tissue stain?
  6. How do you figure PLS?
    • decimal form of purity x decimal form of germination
    • answer divided by number of plants you need
  7. What is patch budding commonly used on?
    pecan tree root stalks
  8. When do you collect the current season's budwood?
    early morning the day it is needed
  9. What tree is commonly air pruned?
    • burrow¬†
    • pecan
  10. How deep does red light penetrate the soil?
    one inch
  11. What type of seed has viviparous germination?
    • live oak
    • apple
  12. What plant is usually taken from a herbaceous cutting?
  13. What seed would you need to stratify in order to germinate?
    cedar elm
  14. What plant is commonly T-budded?
    peach tree
  15. What plant is commonly whip-drafted?
    apple tree
  16. How long must seeds be stratified for?
    2 to 3 months
  17. What seed is commonly given a stress test at the seed lab?
  18. What seed is commonly grown in a rolled towel?
    • peanuts
    • cotton
  19. What type of grass is scarified in sulfuric acid?
    Argentine baraia grass
  20. What seed has cotyledons that don't emerge from soil during germination?
    • pecan
    • texas red oak
  21. What are inderstems used for?
    to dwarf apple trees
  22. Can you graft plants without a cambium?
  23. What plant uses MM106 as root stock?
    apple trees
  24. Can sulfuric acid be used to stratify trees?
  25. What woody stem plant is easiest to root?
    Crepe Myrtle
  26. When are soft-wood cuttings usually taken?
  27. Could you use a mist system to increase humidity around plants?
  28. How long does it take to have vascular connection in pecan trees?
    9 to 14 days
  29. Is a quiescent seed the same as a dormant seed?
  30. What wavelengths of light does phytochrome react to?
    red and far red; not blue
  31. What seed can be scarified using sand paper?
    red bud
  32. What seed can be scarified using a file?
    mountain laurel
  33. What kind of seeds are considered "good" in a seed test?
  34. Can you increase cold-hardiness with graftings?
  35. What plant can be propagated by laying the leaf flat and cutting the veins?
    rex begonia
  36. What is the upper portion of a budded plant?
  37. What kind of graft is used for pecan trees?
    • Texas inlay
    • bark inlay
  38. What method of layering is used to propagate apple tree root stock?
    mound layering
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