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  1. Who brought sugar canes to the Caribbean Islands?
    Christopher Columbus in 1492
  2. What is the bi-product of sugar canes called?
  3. What arrived in the caribbean around 1848?
    Column distillation
  4. Who founded Bacardi and when?
    • Facundo Bacardi in 1862.
    • Cuba
  5. Wha are the two categories of rum, What are they made of?
    • Rum Industrielle - Made from Molasses, most traditional rum-type
    • Rum Agricole - Made from Sugar cane juice
  6. A lot of rum go through a maturing process,how long time does it take and which barrels are most used?
    American oak or old bourbon barrels for a minimum of two months.
  7. How long is the fermentation process of rum?
    from half a day to several days. The ABV after fermentation typically lay around 5-9%
  8. What is the different classifications of rum?
    • The French Islands
    • Cuba
    • Jamaica
    • Guyana
  9. What is brazils national spirit?
  10. Rum brands
    • Bacardi
    • Captain Morgan
    • Havana Club 
    • Goslings
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