SOCIO221 ch 7: Ethnocentrism, In and Out group

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  1. Ethnocentrism refers to...
    the tendency to view one's own group or culture as an in-group that follows the best and only proper way to live
  2. Ethnocentrism also refers to the tendency to (1)_____ other (2)________ as (3)________ to one's own
    • 1. judge
    • 2. cultures
    • 3. inferior
  3. Ethnocentric people have problems...
    respecting other cultures
  4. In-group refers to...
    a group toward which we feel positively about and with which we identify, and that produces a "we" feeling
  5. In-group refers to a (1)______ group to which an individual has a feeling of (2)__________
    • 1. social
    • 2. allegiance
  6. The in-group is usually a (1)_______ group, but not always because it can be a (2)_____ level term, (3)______ level term, or a (4)_____ level term
    • 1. primary
    • 2. micro
    • 3. middle
    • 4. macro
  7. examples of in-group
    based on race, gender, social class, neighboorhood, city, state, or country
  8. Out-group refers to...
    group toward which we do not feel positively and with which we do not identify, and that does not produce a "we" feeling
  9. The out-group also refers to a social group to which
    an individual does not have a feeling of allegiance
  10. The (1)___-_____ may be in conflict with the (2)__-_____
    • 1. out-group
    • 2. in-group

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SOCIO221 ch 7: Ethnocentrism, In and Out group
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