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  1. What was the deadliest wildfire in US history?
    Peshtigo Fire of 1871
  2. What is fire?
    the rapid combination of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen and produces flame, heat and light
  3. What makes up the fire triangle?
    • fuel
    • oxygen
    • heat
  4. What are the three phases of a wildfire?
    • preignition
    • combustion
    • extinction
  5. What occurs during preignition?
    • fuel achieves high temperatures and low water content
    • preheating and pyrolysis
  6. How do wildfires benefit soils?
    • increase nutrient content
    • kill off microorganisms
  7. What can kill a fire?
    • water- removes heat
    • fire lines- remove fuel
    • blankets- remove oxygen
  8. What processes produce the fuel gasses during preignition?
    • prehating
    • pyrolysis
  9. What are the 3 types of fires?
    • ground
    • surface
    • crown
  10. Describe ground fires.
    move slowly along under ground surfacemostly smolder
  11. What occurs during combustion?
    preignition absorbs energy and combustion releases that energyexternal reactions liberate heat and light
  12. What are the types of combustion?
    • flaming
    • smoldering
  13. What occurs during extinction?
    • combustion ceases
    • no longer heat or fuel to sustain fire
  14. Describe surface fires.
    • occur on the ground surface
    • spread more quickly
    • some flaming
  15. Describe crown fires.
    • moves along the tops of trees
    • driven by strong winds and steep slopes
    • independent of ground fires
    • densely populated tree areas
  16. How do wildfires benefit plants and animals?
    • reduce number of species of plants
    • trigger release of seeds in some species
    • remove surface litter for grasses
    • recycle nutrients
    • animals benefit from increased plant life & diversity
  17. How many fires occurred in Yellowstone during 1988?
  18. How does Yellowstone handle wildfires?
    natural burns are allowed in all wilderness areas because they benefit the environment
  19. What is fire management?
    deciding when fires should be allowed to burn and when they should be suppressed
  20. What are some components of fire management?
    • scientific understanding
    • education
    • data collection
    • prescribed burns
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