Hawkins Chap 17

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  1. store-based retailing: evolving
    in store shopping. retailers try to enhance the experimental component through layout, music, personal shoppers, etc.
  2. multi-channel strategy
    retailers using stores, website, catalogs, etc. A regional store can become national.
  3. multi-channel shoppers
    consumers who browse and/or purchase in more than one channel
  4. omni-channel strategy
    consumers browse and/or purchase in more than one channel simultaneously. Younger Gen Yers and Gen X, spend less than multi-channel shoppers
  5. outlet image
    bricks-and-morter image, online image
  6. retailer brands
    Traditionally, retailers carried only manufacturers' brands, and only a few developed their own brands. High quality at good price.
  7. outlet location and size
    consumers choose closest and largest store.
  8. retail attraction model
    the level of store attraction based on store size and distance from the consumer.
  9. consumer characteristics relavant to store choice
    perceived risk and shopping orientation
  10. consumer characteristics
    apathetic, enthusiastic, destination, basic, bargain seekers
  11. in store and online influences on brand choices
    most purchases are unplanned. store display increases this.
  12. strategies used by manufacturers to influence decisions
    point of purchase materials, price reductions and promotional deals, outlet atmosphere, stockouts, website functioning and requirements, mobile apps, sales personnel
  13. price reductions and promotional deals
    coupons, multiple item discount, gifts
  14. outlet atmosphere
    ambient conditions, physical conditions, social conditions, symbols, sales personnel, consumers, sales personnel, consumers
  15. stockouts
    substitution costs - how much customers satisfaction is reduced because you're offering different brand, transaction costs - mental/physical/time/financial costs of purchasing a substitute, opportunity costs - reduction and satisfaction of foregoing or reducing consumption of current product vs what they want
  16. mobile marketing
    local search is changing out consumers find stores, mobile apps play role in how shop
  17. sales personnel
    The effectiveness influenced by the interaction of the salesperson’s knowledge, skill, and authority, the nature of the customer’s buying task, the customer-salesperson relationship. Marketers are testing online sales clerks, avatars.
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