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  1. Sales
    • 1.Making a connection
    • 2.Life Style questions
    •      a)Work
    •      b)Home
    •      c)Play
    • 3.Conclusion
  2. Making a connection
    • Make a connection as early as possible make the customer feel comfortable by maybe
    • commenting on their cloths, hair, shoes. Joke around with the customer.
  3. Life Style questions
    • -Well is see that you are done with your examination with Dr. Goh and you will be needing a new pair of glasses, before we start picking out glasses let’s have a seat. I need to ask some life style
    • questions first to help determine what type of glasses are more suited for you.

    -To determine what type of glasses that are most suited for you I need to ask some Life Style questions is that alright?
  4. Work
    • -What do you do for work?
    • -How often are you inside vs out side?
    • -Are you on the computer a lot?
    • -Do you do a lot driving?
  5. Home
    • -What do you like to do when you are at home?
    • -How often do you read, watch tv, or are on the computer?
    • -Do you have an extra pair of glasses for when you__________?
  6. Play
    • -What do you like to do for fun?
    • -How much time do you spend _______?
    • -Do you current use sunglasses regularly?
  7. Conclusion
    • -Based on what you have just told me I would recommend…
    • -(Make sure you repeat thing that the customer told you like…. I would recommend an anti reflective coating because of the amount of time you spend on the computer for your work it will reduce computer glare and also will reduce the amount of glare while driving at night.)
  8. KISS
    Keep It Simple Stupid
  9. Always sell
  10. Benefits and features
    Benefits and features
  11. Feel Felt Found
    • -I understand how you feel
    • -I felt the same way
    • -I found that
  12. Varilux: physio enhanced
    made with digital technology as well as edge to edge technology
  13. Varilux: physio
    made with regular technology
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