civics test 7

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  1. What is a filibuster?
    to talk a bill to death
  2. If the President vetos a bill, what can Congress do?
    Pass the bill over the Presidents veto by 2/3 majority vote
  3. What part of the Constitution describes Congress?
    Article 1
  4. In what building does Congress meet?
  5. In in the house fo Representatives the number of each representative is based on ______?
    Population of each state
  6. How long is the term for representatives?
    2 years
  7. What is the name of the part of the States that each representative is elected to represent?
    Congressional districts
  8. How many Senators are elected for each state?
  9. What part of the state does each senator represent?
    The entire State
  10. How long is a term for Senators?
    6 years
  11. Who is the leader of the house of representatives?
    the speaker of the house
  12. What did the constitution give Congress the power to do?
    to make laws for the US government
  13. What are enunerated powers
    all of Congress's duties
  14. What does the Elastic clause allow Congress to do
    to do whatever is necessary and proper to use its express powers
  15. List the 8 powers of Congress
    • 1. Coining money
    • 2. raising an Army
    • 3. declaring war
    • 4. setting up post offices
    • 5. granting copyrights and patents
    • 6. raising and spending money
    • 7. managing businesses between states
    • 8. managing business with other countries
  16. What does impeach mean?
    to accuse a person of doing something wrong
  17. Congress canapprove or reject the Presidents choices for___________, _______ & _____.
    supreme court justices,  federal judges & ambassadors
  18. What part of Congress may impeach the President
    The House
  19. What part of Congress decides if the person is guilty or innocent
    The Senate
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