13. Health

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  1. you're not looking or behaving as you usually do.
    you're not your usual/normal self - nem olyan, mint általában
  2. Catch an infection, bacterium or virus
    Pick up a bug
  3. looking for feeling ill
    • off-colour - rossz bőrben van, nincs jó színben
    • under the weather - beteg, be van rúgva
  4. feel or look very ill or tired
    feel/look like death warmed up - úgy néz ki, mint egy felmelegített halott
  5. vomit; be sick
    throw up - (ki)hány
  6. fall over, especially, when you feel ill
    keel over - felborul
  7. faint; lose consciousness for a short time
    • pass out - elájul
    • black out - elveszti az eszméletét
    • come round - magához tér
  8. (of a pain, feeling, or effect) gradually disappear to stop
    wear off - elkopik, elenyészik
  9. get one of the common illnesses (flu, a cold)
    come/go down with sg - ágynak esett (influenzával)
  10. spread from person to person (a rumour can also such)
    go round - körben jár, kézről kézre jár
  11. catch an infectious illness
    pick sg up - feszed, szerez, összeszed
  12. relax and avoid working hard or doing too much
    take things/it easy - ne siess, nem erőlteti még magát
  13. getting better after an illness or injury
    on the mend - javulóban van
  14. suddenly become worse/better
    take a turn for the worse/better - kedvezőbbre/rosszabbra fordul
  15. get worse in health, quality, etc.
    go downhill - romlik, hanyatlik
  16. it's very uncertain whether sg will happen or not
    it is touch-and-go (whether) - kockázatos ügy, veszélyes
  17. get better after a life-threatening illness or operation
    pull through (sg) - átvészel, talpra áll, meggyógyul
  18. feel/be ill or bad-tempered
    feel/be out of sorts - gyengélkedik, rosszkedvű
  19. (of patr of the body) become bigger in size.
    • swell up - feldagad, megdagad
    • go down - leapad, lelappad
  20. become covered in spots or a rash
    come out in sg - kiütéses, pattanásos
  21. disappear
    go away - eltűnik
  22. find out if sg is safe, correct, or acceptable
    check sg out -
  23. it is wiser to act safely than to act carelessly and later regret it
    • to be on the safe side - biztonság okáért
    • better safe than sorry - jobb félni, mint megijedni
  24. Said in order to avoid bad luck.
    Touch wood! - Legopog(ni)
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