15. Eating

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  1. a small meal
    • a bite (to eat) - Eszik egy falatot
    • grab/have a bite (to eat) - bekap egy harapást
  2. have had enough to eat
    • be full (up) - tele van
    •                       zsúfolásig megtelt
  3. eat only small amounts of food because you are not hungry
    pick at sg - piszkál (ételt)
  4. if food it looks or smells so good you want to eat it immediately
    • make your mouth water - összefut a nyál a szájában
    • mouth-watering - ínycsiklandó
  5. food remaining from a meal after you have eaten
    • be left over (from sg) - maradék
    • leftovers
  6. finish sg, especially food, very quickly
    • polish sg off - összecsap (munkát)
    •                           sietve befejez
  7. through people telling each other and not through newspapers, advertisements
    • by word of mouth - szóbeli
    •                                    élőszóval
  8. pay what you owe on a bill or an account
    settle up (with sb) - kifizet, kiegyenlít
  9. cook sg too long or with too much heat, so that it burns
    • burn sg to a crisp/cinder - hamuvá éget
    • Cook to a crisp - ropogósra süt
  10. I'm very hungry
    I could eat a horse - farkaséhes
  11. eats a lot 
    eats a little
    • she eats like a horse - zabál
    • eat like a bird - csipeget
  12. sg you think is excellent
    the best/greatest thing since sliced bread - kiváló dolog
  13. make sb like you so much they agree to everything you say
    have sb eating out of your hand - bólogató János
  14. be embarrassed because sg you tried to do went wrong
    have egg on your face - balul ütött ki, sült el
  15. used to say that sb who was in a bad situation is now in an even worse situation
    out of the frying pan, (and) into the fire - egyre rosszabb
  16. a person who spends too much time watching tv
    couch potato - tévézsák
  17. try to do too much or do sg that is too difficult
    bite off more than you can chew - túl nagy fába vágta a fejszéjét
  18. used to say that sb looks innocent, kind, etc. but really they are not
    butter wouldn't melt (in sb's mouth) - álszent
  19. be involved and influential in a lot of different activities
    have a finger in every pie - minden lében kanál
  20. waste time worrying about sg that has already happened and that cannot be changed
    cry over spilt milk - eső után köpönyeg
  21. having a lot of energy
    • full of beans - eleven, mozgékony
    •                           tele van pénzzel
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