18. Business 1.

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  1. help to support sg that is weak or going collapse.
    • shore sg up - megtámaszt
    • prop sg up - alátámaszt
  2. a situation in which the managers of a company gain control by buying most of its shares.
    • management buyout - felvásárol
    • buy sb out
  3. if a deal or plan..., it does not happen
    fall through - meghiúsul, kudarcba fullad
  4. at the last possible moment
    at the eleventh our - az utolsó pillanatban
  5. used to say that sg has happened because of sb/sg
    thanks to sb/sg - hála vminek, vminek köszönhetően
  6. an act of giving money to a business, economy, etc. to save it from collapse
    • bailout - kisegítés
    • bail sb out
  7. if the future of sg..., it is uncertain
    hang in the balance - függőben van, bizonytalan
  8. very near to the moment when sg happens or sb does sg
    on the verge of (doing) sg - valaminek a szélén/határán van
  9. withdraw from an arrangement; stop being involved in sg.
    • pull-out (of sg) - kivon, kimászik
    • pull-out
  10. not get involved in sg
    stand aside - távol tartja magát, felreáll
  11. (of an organization) fail because of lack of money
    go to the wall - alul marad, falhoz/félre állítják
  12. surprise sb by doing sg they are not expecting
    catch sb on the top - rajtakap, tettenér
  13. if sg..., it becomes popular and uccessful again
    • make a comeback - visszatér
    • come back - magáhoztérés
  14. repair and decorate a room or building
    do sg up - rendbehoz, előkészít
  15. ask sb to do a particular job or be involved in sg.
    bring sb in - belevon, bevezet vkit
  16. decrease in quantity or quality
    fall off - csökken, hanyatlik, leesik
  17. (of a business) not be growing or doing well
    be in the doldrums - rossz/nyomott hangulatban van
  18. succeed in doing sg where most others are failing
    buck the trend - megtöri a negatív trendet
  19. start to do a new activity, especially in business
    branch out (into sg) - új dologba kezd
  20. get or have again sb/sg that you had before
    win sb/sg back - visszanyer
  21. slim down
    cut the number of jobs and become smaller - karcsúsítás, kisebbé, kevesebbé válik
  22. using up a part of our profit
    are eating into our profit - felhasználja egy részét
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