19. Business 2

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  1. the usual amount paid for goods and services
    the going rate (for sg) - ?
  2. make two people or groups compete with each other in order to give yourself an advantage
    play sb off against sb - kijátszik vkit vki ellen
  3. sell your produce directly to the public instead of selling it to a retail, who then sells it to the public
    • cut out the middleman - közvetlen eladás
    • (a közvetítő kihagyásával)
  4. be somewhere at a time when you can take advantage of an opportunity
    be in the right place at the right time -  a jó helyen jó időben
  5. (of a plan or action) be successful and bring good results
    pay off - kifizetődik
  6. a great success
    a roaring success - ordító siker
  7. before much time has passed
    in/within a short space of time - egy rövid időn belül
  8. be so satisfied with your achievements that you stop trying to achieve more
    rest on your laurels - ül a babérjain
  9. put money made as a profit back into a business in order to improve it
    plough sg back (in/into sg) - hasznot/nyereséget visszaforgat
  10. be doing well and being successful
    be going strong - megerősödik
  11. when thinking about a past event or situation from the perspective of the present
    in retrospect - visszatekintve
  12. keep an advantage over sb, especially your competitors
    keep/stay one step/jump ahead of sg - egy lépéssel előtte jár
  13. miss an opportunity to do sg
    miss the boat - ez a vonat már elment
  14. choose to believe sg that is not true
    delude yourself (into doing sg) - áltatod magad
  15. produce sg in such large quantities that competing products suffer
    flood the market - elárasztja a piacot
  16. do sg in the easiest, cheapest, or quickest way in order to save time or money
    cut corners - spórol
  17. an action that is intended to save money but which actually costs you more
    false economy - ?
  18. be in/get (sb) into a serious or difficult situation
    be in/get (sb) into deep water - mély vízbe dobva lenni
  19. stop doing sg that you can see is going to be unsuccessful before the situation gets worse
    • cut your losses - idejében kiszáll a buliból
    • leírja a veszteségeit
  20. sell most of what you own, especially your house or business
    • sell up - végrehajt
    •              elárverezik
  21. having too many people in senior positions and not enough workers
    • top-heavy - fejnehéz
    •                    rossz egyensúlyú

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