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  1. Does Loxasperse increase the anti fungal activity of Itraconazole?
    Yes, by adding the active pharmaceutical ingredient ITRACONAZOLE to Loxasperse. We have proven this to improve anti-fungal activity.
  2. What API's have been studied with Loxasperse?
    There have been three APi's studied with Loxasperse.

    • -itraconazole -anti fungal
    • -Budesonide - glucocorticoid steroid
    • -Gentimicin - aminoglycoside antibiotic

    *it was also evaluated against Candida albicans bio films
  3. When itraconazole is used with Loxasperse, what is the benefit?
    Loxasperse improves the dissolution rate and enhances the solubility of itraconazole.

    Explanation: itraconazole by itself has poor solubility. Therefore it does not absorb well in the sinus. When you utilize Loxasperse with itraconazole the mechanism of action is improved. So ultimately the drug works a lot better because it is in a more efficacious dosage form compared to other compounded preparations.
  4. When itraconazole is combined with Loxasperse, does it improve the anti fungal activity of the itraconazole?
    Yes, when studied itraconazole with Loxasperse improves anti-fungal activity compared to itraconazole alone.
  5. Are the particle size of Loxasperse all the same size?
    No, the particle size are of different dimensions with a statistical distribution.

    Explanation: it helps distribute drugs evenly through the compound to ensure geometric dilution.
  6. What is Loxasperse?
    Loxasperse is a powder excipients base used for nebulization and irrigation designed to improve dispersibility and solubility of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

    It is made from micronized xylitol and poloxamers.
  7. Loxasperse is designed to be mixed with active substances in order to?
    Improve water solubility, dispersion ability and to prevent microbial growth.

    Explanation: Loxasperse helps drugs dissolve and distribute evenly throughout a compound. It prevents clumping of drugs as some drugs are not able to dissolve in water. Furthermore Loxasperse all by itself has anti microbial properties. Sugar is well known to have anti microbial properties and xylitol is a very potent type of sugar.
  8. Is there any evidence to back up the claims made about Loxasperse?
    Yes. The use of xylitol and special poloxamers in nebulization and irrigation is thoroughly referenced in the literature and there is ample evidence for their safety and efficacy.

    Explanation: the science is well documented. Search pub med or contact PCD for more information.
  9. Does Loxasperse optimize the particle size of itraconazole?

    Explanation: itraconazole is difficult to solubilize. When mixed with water it creates a thick clumpy mucous like substance. It is very hard to get it into a liquid. IN COMPOUNDING, Mixing with Loxasperse allows it to solubilize very easily and the end result is better patient outcome because the drug is getting where it needs and working the way it was meant to work.
  10. Can Loxasperse be used for irrigation of wounds, with actives mixed with it?

    Explanation: wound irrigations are commonly used and a more pharmaceutically elegant compound can be made when utilizing Loxasperse.
  11. What prescribers can I market the benefits of Loxasperse to?
    • ENT
    • Allergist
    • Family Providers
    • General Practitioners
    • Wound care specialist
    • Podiatrist
    • Endocrinologist
    • Internist

    Explanation: just about all physicians could utilize this with their patients. If they do not, they may at least find the information intriguing. Education is a gift no one can take from you.
  12. What types of Patients could benefit from Loxasperse compounds?
    Explanation: all patients that a provider has that "despite their best efforts they cannot seem to get a solid outcome on"

    • ...
    • Chronic sinusitis
    • Nasal polyp patients- to improve well time between surgeries
    • Pre-op formulations before surgeries
    • Have physician run a culture and sensitivity and treat appropriately.
  13. What are some common Antihistamines used with Loxasperse?
    • Levocetirizine ---this is the active ingredient in Xyzal an FDA approved product
    • Montelukast Sodium----this is the active ingredient in Singulair, an FDA approved product

    These are the two most popular but in reality most if not all can be used
  14. What are some common steroids used with Loxasperse?
    • Betamethasone
    • Budesonide
    • Fluticasone
    • Mometasone
    • Dexamethasone
  15. What are some common anti-fungals used with Loxasperse?
    • Amphotericin or Amphotericin B
    • Fluconazole
    • Itraconazole
  16. What are some common antibiotics used in Loxasperse?
    • Clindamycin
    • Azithromycin
    • Amakacin
    • Ciprofloxacin
    • Gentamicin
    • Levofloxacin
    • Mupirocin-------popular. Known to break down biofilms
    • Tobramycin
    • Vancomycin
  17. Why is metronidazole used in Loxasperse nasal compounds?
    Metronidazole- treats gram positive and gram negative anaerobes.


    Metronidazole USP is indicated in the treatment for serious infections caused by anaerobic bacteria. In a mixed aerobic and anaerobic infection antimicrobials appropriate for the treatment of the aerobic infection should be used in addition to metronidazole, USP.

    Explanation: this is a prime selling point and the reason why combination compounds are so appropriate. Combining certain API's can be beneficial and improve patient outcomes.
  18. What is the best way to market Loxasperse technology?
    Call my amazing PCCA member development rep Tim Adams at 281-844-0710 and he will share tools and information with me. But only after I pass this test. So you better study, Bucky!

    Seriously. You need to be knowledgable. I don't expect you to answer every question but I will expect you to explain and know some of the basics. I have everything you need to start a nasal practice.
  19. What is MIC?
    Minimum Inhibitory Concentration
  20. Why is important to understand Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC)
    MIC is the lowest concentration of an anti-microbial, that will inhibit visible growth of a microorganism after overnight incubation. MIC is the GOLD STANDARD research tool to determine in vitro activity of anti-microbials. (Ref;Andrews, 2001). A lower MIC is indicative of a better antimicrobial agent.

    How I would use this: doctor, are you familiar with MIC which is the gold standard in research to determine in vitro anti microbial activity? You're not? Ah hahaha. Well doctor MIC, is the gold standard in research to determine in vitro anti microbial activity. (Remember have fun don't be so salesey!)

    So doctor Loxasperse has been proven through three laboratory MIC tests to have a strong antimicrobial activity. These test were performed with the active being itraconazole.

    This is important because Loxasperse is immediate use. NOT sterile
  21. Why would a doctor care about MIC?
    Because your preparation is not sterile. This is being proactive and educating against any concerns. If he follows up with any questions you can then hand him the Loxasperse, PCCA study.

    You just need to know enough to come across credentialed. You don't have to know all the science. Don't be afraid to be smart and educate medical professionals. 80% of the marketers I meet are afraid of doctors. Knowledge is power.
  22. At what percent (%) does Loxasperse become anti microbial?
    17% and above

    Note: PCCA recommends all formulations to be 25% by volume of Loxasperse in each capsule or sachet. So your doctors can be assured the compounded formulations will have antimicrobial actions.
  23. Considering the MIC, would you agree, that Loxasperse prevents microbial growth?

    YES or NO
  24. The test article containing Budesonide requires 0.5h to 28h to significantly reduce the number of viable bacteria (E. Coli, S. Aureus and P. Aeruginosa). A niger showed a decrease in the number of viable cells up to 168h!

    What does this mean and why is it important to know?
    It basically means that there is science to justify refills. A patient will have to have chronic exposure for the compound to work effectively. It also shows after immediate exposure that the compound has started working on the bacterias.
  25. Who completed this study?
    PCCA contracted a third party laboratory with no proprietary or financial interest in the test products, or equity interest in PCCA.

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